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Vance International Airlines was an American supplemental and air-taxi airline that started operations in 1949.

Foundation and early operations[edit]

Vance was headquartered at Boeing Field (officially King County Airport) in Seattle, Washington.[1] Its founder and president was Vance B. Roberts.[2] In 1962 the US Civil Aeronautics Board granted interim authority to Vance International Airways as an air taxi operator and supplemental carrier within the continental United States. As of April 1967 the company's fleet was itemized as one Douglas DC-3 (N57131),[3] one Douglas DC-7, and one Curtiss C-46, with two DC-7s on order.

Later history[edit]

Vance International Airways Douglas DC-7B at Long Beach Airport California in 1971

In 1968 the company had received permanent operating authority.[4] In 1969 the company's fleet was still listed as one DC-3, one DC-7 and one C-46.

In 1969 the company received authority to operate flights to Mexico and Canada.[5]


In 1970 the company was purchased by McCulloch Oil Company.[6] The McCulloch group issued $30 million in convertible subordinated debentures, in order to finance this acquisition.[7] At that time the airline company's name was changed to McCulloch International Airlines,[8] and its main function was to fly potential land purchasers to the McCulloch properties at Lake Havasu.


Vance International Airways fleet in 1970 [1]
Aircraft Total Orders Notes
Douglas DC-3 1 0
Douglas DC-7 2 0
Total 3 0


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