Vancouver municipal election, 2008

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Vancouver municipal election, 2008

2005 ←
November 15, 2008 (2008-11-15)
→ 2011

11 seats in Vancouver City Council
  First party Second party Third party
  Gregor Robertson Burrard.jpg David Cadman.jpg Vancouver politician Peter Ladner (2008).jpg
Leader Gregor Robertson David Cadman
(de facto)
Peter Ladner
Party Vision COPE NPA
Leader since June, 2008 2005 2008
Leader's seat Mayor Councillor Ran for Mayor (lost)
Last election 4 seats, 44.45% 1 seat,
6 seats, 47.34%
Seats won 8 2 1
Seat change +4 +1 -5
Popular vote 67,598 N/A 48,794
Percentage 54.39% N/A 39.26%
Swing +9.94% N/A -8.08%

Mayor before election

Sam Sullivan

Elected Mayor

Gregor Robertson

The 2008 Vancouver municipal election was held on November 15, 2008, filling seats on the Vancouver School Board, the Parks Board, the Vancouver City Council, and the position of Mayor of Vancouver. It was held at the same time as municipal elections throughout the province. Three major civic parties were represented: the Coalition of Progressive Electors, the Non-Partisan Association, and Vision Vancouver. The Green Party of Vancouver fielded one Park Commissioner candidate.

Mayoral Election[edit]

e • d  Summary of the November 15, 2008
Vancouver Mayoral Election
Candidate Affiliation Popular vote
# %
Gregor Robertson Vision 67,598 54.4%
Peter Ladner NPA 48,794 39.3%
Betty Krawczyk Work Less 1,346 1.1%
Marc Emery Independent 1,119 0.9%
Scott Yee Independent 942 0.8%
Patrick Britten Nude Garden Party 695 0.6%
Jeff Kuah Independent 600 0.5%
Angel L. Jimenez Independent 320 0.3%
Leon Kaplan Independent 299 0.2%
Bill Ritchie Independent 252 0.2%
Joe Hatoum Independent 241 0.2%
Gölök Z. Buday Independent 172 0.1%
Menard D. Caissey Independent 137 0.1%
N. Bur Maxwell Independent 125 0.1%
Total Votes 124,285 30.79%
Registered Voters 403,663 100%
Sources: City of Vancouver, Election Results

City Council candidates[edit]

Coalition of Progressive Electors[edit]

David Cadman (incumbent) (56,665 votes) and Ellen Woodsworth(45,877 votes) were selected as the COPE candidates for City Council on September 28, 2008.[1] and were elected to council.

Non-Partisan Association[edit]

The only NPA candidate elected to City Council was Suzanne Anton (incumbent) (elected with 52,941 votes). The other candidates were Elizabeth Ball (incumbent) (42,727 votes), Sean Bickerton (33,510 votes), Kim Capri (incumbent) (44,270 votes), Leanore Copeland (34,566 votes), Michael Geller (44,353 votes), Korina Houghton (34,588 votes), David Lee (42,195 votes), Daljit Sidhu (28,894 votes), and Kanman Wong (36,795 votes) .[2]

Vision Vancouver[edit]

Vision candidates for City Council [3] were: George Chow (incumbent) (elected with 62,262 votes), Heather Deal (incumbent) (elected with 63,116 votes), Kashmir Dhaliwal (44,854 votes), Kerry Jang (elected with 60,598 votes), Raymond Louie (incumbent) (elected with 66,226 votes), Geoff Meggs (elected with 49,538 votes), Andrea Reimer (elected with 59,148 votes), and Tim Stevenson (incumbent) (elected with 58,380 votes).

Work Less Party[edit]

No Work Less Party candidates were elected. Candidates were: Ian Gregson (10,493 votes), Chris Shaw (11,237 votes), Geri Tramutola (8,619 votes), and Timothy Wisdom (7,435 votes),


No independent candidates were elected. Candidates were: John T. Boychuck (8,093 votes), Marc Boyer (4,305 votes), Lea Johnson (10,947 votes), Matt Kadioglu (2,423 votes), Audrey Jane Lafferriere (4,196 votes), Steve Wansleeben (3,299 votes), and Wendythirteen (3,508 votes).

Office of Park Commissioner Candidates[edit]

Coalition of Progressive Electors[edit]

Anita Romaniuk (43,636 votes) and Loretta Woodcock (incumbent) were selected as the COPE candidates for Park Board on September 28, 2008 by acclamation.[4] Woodcock was elected with 49,901 votes.

Green Party of Vancouver[edit]

The only Green Party of Vancouver candidate running for any office in this municipal election, Stuart Mackinnon, was elected to the Vancouver Park Board with 48,415 votes. He is part of the Vision–COPE–Green ballot coalition.

Non-Partisan Association[edit]

NPA candidates for the Park Board were Melissa De Genova (42,062 votes), Laura McDiarmid (former commissioner) (37,841 votes), Christopher Richardson (former commissioner) (35,849 votes), Ian Robertson (incumbent) (44,005 votes), Naresh Shukla (27,350 votes), Sharon Urton (33,129 votes), and Marty Zlotnick (42,633 votes) (incumbent).[5] of whom only Ian Robertson was elected.

Vision Vancouver[edit]

All of the Vision candidates were elected: Constance Barnes (62,973 votes), Sarah Blyth (56775 votes), Raj Hundal (48,871 votes), and Aaron Jasper (58,343 votes).


No independent candidate was elected: Jamie Lee Hamilton (15,405 votes), Peter Raymond Haskell (5,674 votes), Thomas Lockhart (6,832 votes), Richard Mayencourt (11,152 votes).

Office of School Trustee Candidates[edit]

Coalition of Progressive Electors[edit]

Bill Bargeman (45981 votes), Al Blakey (incumbent) (elected with 49,045 votes), Jane Bouey (former trustee) (elected with 48,227 votes), Alvin Singh (43,754 votes), and Allan Wong (incumbent) (re-elected with 56,027 votes) were selected as the COPE candidates for School Board on September 28, 2008.[1]

Non-Partisan Association[edit]

NPA candidates for the School Board were Ken Denike (incumbent) (re-elected with 46,777 votes), Eileen Le Gallais (37,598 votes), Carol Gibson (incumbent vice-chair) (re-elected with 46,048 votes), Clarence Hansen (incumbent) (40,953 votes), Heather Holden (Park Board incumbent) (45,921 votes), Margit Nance (35,014 votes), Lakhbir Singh (33,659 votes), and Sophia Woo (43,538 votes).[6]

Vision Vancouver[edit]

All the Vision candidates were elected: Patti Bacchus (64,451 votes), Ken Clement (62,096 votes), Sharon E. Gregson (61,417 votes) and Mike Lombardi (62,772 votes).



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