Vanguard Princess

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Vanguard Princess
Official game logo
Developer(s) Tomoaki Sugeno
Designer(s) Tomoaki Sugeno
Engine Fighter Maker 2nd
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Cloud (OnLive)
Release date(s) Microsoft Windows
June 26, 2009

Cloud (OnLive)
April 10, 2013[1]

Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Distribution Download

Vanguard Princess (ヴァンガードプリンセス Vangaado Purinsesu?), also known as Vanguard Princess: Senjin no Himegimi (ヴァンガードプリンセス 先陣の姫君) is a Japanese freeware dōjin 2D fighting game for Windows, developed by a single programmer and illustrator called Tomoaki Sugeno, nicknamed Suge9.[2] The game was released on June 26, 2009[3] for PC and April 10, 2013 for OnLive, the game was created using Fighter Maker 2nd.[4] The latest version of the game is 1.08, released on January 14, 2011.[5]


Vanguard Princess was fully developed by Tomoaki Sugeno (or Suge9), an ex-Capcom sprite designer who worked in games like Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and made character sprites for The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood.[6] Sugeno uses Fighter Maker 2nd for his work, a popular graphic engine for Windows by ASCII. Sugeno designed and illustrated the game by himself, but the music was taken from "nash music library", a royalty-free library of songs.[7] Sugeno also used voice actors to record the voices for all the characters. Sugeno planned a future update called Vanguard Princess Prime which would introduce a new character named Rikako but has since ceased development on it.


After the official release, Vanguard Princess was initially picked up on by video game websites such as Daiken,[8] Kotaku [9] and Siliconera.[6] Later it was reported by Famitsu[10] and IT+Media.[11]

English version[edit]

An English version was released by eigoMANGA on February 2013 on to North America and Europe.[12] They released a cloud version of the game on the Onlive game service on April 2013.[13] A notable difference in the English version is that the game edits the explicit content in the original Japanese version. The English version also unlocks Hilda as a playable support character. A downloadable PC version of the game was released via Steam on March 3, 2014 after being Greenlit by the community. This version comes with the original English release, plus a free, optional Director's Cut add-on, which returns previously removed content to the game.

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