Vanoise massif

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Vanoise Massif
French: Massif de la Vanoise
La grande casse massif vanoise.JPG
The south-west side of the Grande Casse
Highest point
Peak Grande Casse
Elevation 3,855 m (12,648 ft)
Coordinates 45°24′19″N 6°49′39″E / 45.40528°N 6.82750°E / 45.40528; 6.82750Coordinates: 45°24′19″N 6°49′39″E / 45.40528°N 6.82750°E / 45.40528; 6.82750
Massif des Alpes map-fr.svg
Map with subvisions of the French Alps
Country France
Department Savoie

The Vanoise massif is a mountain range in the Graian Alps in the western part of the Alps.

Principal summits[edit]

The principal summits of the Vanoise massif are:

Principal glaciers[edit]

  • Glaciers de la Gurraz
  • Glacier de la Savinaz
  • Glacier de la Grande Motte
  • Glacier de Prémou
  • Glacier des Volnets
  • Glacier de la Grande Casse
  • Glacier de la Leisse
  • Glacier des Fours
  • Glacier de Méan Martin
  • Glacier du Vallonnet
  • Glaciers de la Vanoise (Glacier du Pelve, Glacier de l'Arpont, Glacier de la Mahure)
  • Glacier de Gébroulaz
  • Glacier de Thorens
  • Glacier du Bouchet
  • Glacier de Chavière
  • Glacier de Polset
  • Glacier du Geay

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