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Vanse is a town in Farsund municipality, Norway. Its population is 1,967 by January 1, 2008.[1] The small town is notable for having several references to America due to the high number of inhabitants emigrating to the US from 1825 to 1975. A lot of them returning during these years bringing back American music, clothing, housewares and values.

This is celebrated every year with the "American Festival" celebrated the last weekend in June every year. A stage is assembled in the middle of "Brooklyn Square"(named after Brooklyn, NY, where many of the Norwegian immigrants settled) and there is a small funfair set up. The festival starts on a Thursday and ends on Sunday morning, after culminating in a large outdoor street dance to live music.

Brooklyn Square, Vanse is home to 8th Avenue, an America themed bar which regularly hosts live concerts, mostly in the country music genre. Kjell Elvis, a local Elvis Presley impersonator has performed on 8th Avenue a number of times. It is also home to Trunken, a speciality store specializing in imported American goods such as furniture, clothing, candy items and certain ingredients in American cuisine.

Vanse is also home to a gothic church built in the 13th century.

Famous people from Vanse[edit]


Coordinates: 58°07′N 6°42′E / 58.117°N 6.700°E / 58.117; 6.700