Varanasi Junction railway station

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Varanasi Cant Junction
Indian Railway Station
Varanasi Railway Station.JPG
Station statistics
Address Varanasi, Varanasi District, Uttar Pradesh
Coordinates 25°19′35.35″N 82°59′08.92″E / 25.3264861°N 82.9858111°E / 25.3264861; 82.9858111
Elevation 80.71 metres (264.8 ft)
Line(s) Varanasi-Lucknow line
Varanasi-Kanpur line
Varanasi-Allahabad line
Varanasi–Rae Bareli–Lucknow line
Connections Prepaid Auto cum Taxi Stand
Structure type Standard (on ground station)
Platforms 9
Tracks 13
Parking Available
Baggage check Not Available
Other information

1872 (Oudh & Rohilkund Railway opened line from Benaras to Lucknow)

1887 (Dufferin Bridge constructed over the Ganges allowing trains to go to Mughalsarai)
Electrified Yes
Station code BSB
Zone(s) Northern Railway, North Eastern Railway
Division(s) Lucknow (NR)
Station status Functioning
Formerly Oudh & Rohilkund Railway

Varanasi Junction, popularly known as Varanasi Cantt Railway Station is the major rail hub in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the busiest and important railway stations in India. It is one of the largest station in Uttar Pradesh.


Tourist Information Centre at Varanasi Railway Station, Varanasi.

The Varanasi Cant Railway Station has modern Route Interlock System with automated signalling system. Varanasi Cant is the highest revenue generating station of Indian Railways, as the station records a rush of more than 363,000 passengers and more than 260 trains passing through here on a daily basis. It is partly under the administrative control of Lucknow Division of the Northern Railway Zone, and partly under the administrative control of Varanasi Division of the North Eastern Railway Zone of the Indian Railways. Railway Minister Miss Mamata Bannerjee has included Varanasi Cant in World-Class Railway Stations development project.

The first railway line to Banaras or Benares was opened from Howrah in December 1862 and was built by the East Indian Railway Company. The station was built on right bank of the Ganges. Later in 1872, Oudh & Rohilkund Railway Company opened rail line from Benaras to Lucknow. In 1887, Dufferin Bridge was constructed over the Ganges at Benares allowing trains to go to Mughalsarai.

The present building towards city side was constructed during the regime of Mr Kamlapati Tripathi as railway minister. Cantonment side building was opened in 1998 by then railway minister Mr Nitish Kumar. The circulating area was renovated in 2008.

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Coordinates: 25°19′35″N 82°59′09″E / 25.326486°N 82.985811°E / 25.326486; 82.985811