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Plant variety may refer to:

  • Variety (botany), a taxonomic nomenclature rank in botany, below subspecies, but above subvariety and form
  • Plant variety (law), a non-taxonomic, exclusively legal term applied to plants for which patent protection has been applied or to which it applies (taxonomic categorization of such a plant may, on a case by case basis, be any infraspecific rank, usually a cultivar or hybrid)
  • "Variety", an informal and ambiguous substitute for form (botany), a taxonomic nomenclature rank in botany, below variety (as formally defined at variety (botany)) and subvariety but above subform
  • "Variety", an informal ambiguous and vague substitute for cultivar or hybrid (biology), the lowest taxonomic nomenclature ranks in botany; used especially with regard to grapes and rice; the equivalent term "varietal", though not an official botany term, is also common in horticulture generally and is not as ambiguous, although still vague