Vasili Eroshenko

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Vasily Eroshenko
Portrait of Vasilii Yaroshenko by Tsune Nakamura, 1920, oil on canvas - National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo - DSC06549.JPG
Portrait by Nakamura Tsune at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (1920)
Born (1890-01-12)January 12, 1890
Obukhovka, Belgorod Oblast, Russia[1]
Died December 23, 1952(1952-12-23) (aged 62)

Vasili Yakovlevich Eroshenko (Russian: Василий Яковлевич Ерошенко Ukrainian: Василь Якович Єрошенко) (January 12, 1890 — December 23, 1952)[2] was an anarchist writer, esperantist, linguist, and teacher. At the age of four, he contracted measles and as a result, became blind.

From 1921 to 1923, Eroshenko stayed in Beijing, China, where he taught Esperanto. He was in contact with the Chinese writer Lu Xun, who translated a play and a collection of fairytales by Eroshenko in Chinese. Eroshenko features in Lu's short story 'The Comedy of the Ducks'.[3]


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