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Vasiliy Sad (born in 1948) is an established Ukrainian abstract painter. He has been an active member of the so-called "apartment exhibitions" in Odessa, which defended alternative forms of art against the Socialist Realism endorsed by the Soviet Union.[1]

Early artistic career[edit]

Born in the Rivne oblast in Ukraine in 1948, Vasiliy Sad moved to Odessa where he then graduated from the Grekov College of Arts in 1977. Shortly after his graduation he joined the "Mamai" group,[2] a collective of non-conformist abstract painters named after Ukraine's national hero. From the early 1970s, the members of the group took an active part in the dissident Odessa Group. They displayed their art on the occasion of illegal "apartment exhibitions" in Odessa and Moscow, as they championed Soviet Nonconformist Art in the Ukraine.[3][4] Vasiliy Sad participated in these “apartment exhibitions” until the Perestroika allowed a more widespread recognition of the underground art movement.


Influenced by the French impressionists, Vasiliy Sad’s early work is figurative. However, the 1980s mark a distinctive evolution in the artist's practice as he moves toward pure abstraction. The artist therein finds his unique voice. He produces vibrant layered compositions on canvas which express his strong interest in colours and texture and show his admiration of traditional Carpathian craftsmanship. Most recently, he experimented with metal. Vasiliy Sad has exhibited extensively in Ukraine's leading museums as well as internationally. He continues developing his practice in Odessa where he currently works and lives.


The artist has works in the collections of the National Art Museum of Ukraine,[5] the Museum of Modern Art, the Khmelnitsky Museum of Modern Ukrainian art,[6] the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Odessa Museum of Eastern and Western Art. He is also widely collected in the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, and Russia.[citation needed]


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