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Vauxhall City Farm is a city farm located in Vauxhall in the London Borough of Lambeth.

The farm is run as a charity focusing on education, youth work, animal care and horticulture[1] and is a centre for Riding for the Disabled.[2]

Vauxhall City Farm was originally founded in 1977 as Jubilee City Farm by a group of architects squatting at St Oswald's Place, following large-scale demolitions in the neighbourhood between 1972 and 1976.[3]

The farm contains animals such as alpacas, sheep, goats and pigs which are used for the farm's education and youth work as well as for filming and photo-shoots.[4] The farm's pigs have appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh Show[5] and the goats have been used to graze a meadow on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank.[6][7] In April 2009 BBC London's 'Farmyard Cam' streamed live footage of the sheep at the farm.[8]

The farm operates a therapy riding centre as well as youth and animal projects. Former riders at the farm include Sam Martin,[9] who is training to taking part in the 2016 Summer Olympics. In November 2011 the farm offered twenty London families free riding lessons run by European Dressage Championship gold medalist Emile Faurie.[10][11] It also hosts a group of Spinners who make yarn from the wool of the sheep and alpacas using dyes cultivated from vegetables and plants grown on the site.[12][13]

As of October 2013, Vauxhall City Farm has been approved for planning permission to provide a major overhaul of the farm alongside new affordable housing.[14][15] The farm was also recently granted a fund from Sport England and the The National Lottery to build three new stables.[16]

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