Vazuza River

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Coordinates: 56°10′05″N 34°35′27″E / 56.1681°N 34.5908°E / 56.1681; 34.5908

Vazuza (Вазуза)
Vazuza river.jpg
Vazuza near Zubtsov
Mouth Volga River
Basin 7,120 km2 (2,749 sq mi)

Vazuza (Russian: Вазу́за) is a river in Smolensk Oblast and Tver Oblast, Russia, a right tributary of the Volga River. Length: 162 km, watershed area: 7,120 km². The lower part of the river has been transformed into Vazuza Reservoir. The towns of Sychyovka and Zubtsov are located on the Vazuza (the latter at its confluence with the Volga).

Mouth of Vazuza. Vazuza left.