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Cover page of Vea's December 19-24, 2004, issue
Editor Josephine Rodríguez
Categories Celebrity, human interest, news
Frequency Weekly
First issue 1968
Final issue 2009
Company Editorial Chic, Inc.
Country Puerto Rico
Language Spanish
ISSN 0738-7628

Vea was a Puerto Rican gossip magazine that was published weekly since from 1968 to 2009.

As a periodical that reported on the lives and activities of many of the island's entertainment, sports, and political personalities, the magazine was no stranger to controversy. In 1994, a discovery by a Vea employee caused a wide international controversy, when the employee ran across some documents that Puerto Rico was the actual birthplace of famous Mexican singer, Luis Miguel, and not Mexico, as it had been widely believed prior to the discovery.

Vea has been involved in some controversies concerning the privacy of some celebrities they do cover, many who have complained about their privacy been violated. However, some celebrities use the magazine which serves as a publicity outlet for many actors, actresses, singers, and others who have faded out of the spotlight or have seen their careers fizzle to gain publicity. This conveniently allows them to regain notoriety whenever they need it.