Vechernyaya Moskva

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Vechernyaya Moskva
Type daily
Format A2 per spread
Owner(s) Concern "Vechernyaya Moskva"
Editor Alexandr Kupriyanov (2011-)
Founded December 6, 1923
Political alignment independent
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Circulation 300,000 (150,000 in Moscow)

Vechernyaya Moskva (Russian: Вечерняя Москва, literally Evening Moscow) is a Russian local daily newspaper published in Moscow since 6 December 1923 daily (except Saturday and Sunday). This is the oldest evening newspaper in Russia, one of the most popular in Moscow. Every evening it tells readers about the major world and Moscow events of the day. It offers all-around information about city life and easy language style at the same time.In 2011, the project was restarted and developed with the support of the Government of Moscow as a city newspaper of influence covering the major events in the capital, the work of urban services, governance, and the main events in the country and in the world.

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