Veckans Affärer

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Veckans Affärer
Categories Business magazine
Frequency Weekly
First issue 1965; 50 years ago (1965)
Company Bonnier
Country Sweden
Based in Stockholm
Language Swedish

Veckans Affärer (Swedish: lit. "the week's business") is a Swedish business journal published on a weekly basis in Stockholm, dealing in all business-related matters both within and outside Sweden.

History and profile[edit]

Veckans Affärer was first published in 1965.[1][2] It is published by Bonnier Business Press.[3] The magazine is based in Stockholm[4] and its editor-in-chief is Ulf Skarin.[5]

Following its establishment in 1965 the magazine had a circulation of 25,000 copies.[1] In the mid 1980s the magazine had a circulation of 44,000 copies.[4] Its circulation for 2012 was 21.200 copies.[6]


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