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Location Kochi, Bangalore
Owner Kochouseph Chittilappilly
Opened 2005
Operating season all year
Area 82 acres (330,000 m2)
Website Official website

Wonderla Holidays Limited is an amusement park designing and operating company headquartered near Bidadi, 28 kilometres (17 mi) from Bangalore. It has been promoted by Kochouseph Chittilappilly and his son Arun Chittilappilly. Wonderla's flagship amusement park located at the same address is the second theme park project from the company and has been operational since October 2005. It is spread over an area of 82 acres (33 ha). The first amusement park, Wonderla Kochi, was set up in 2000. The parks have been set up with a total investment of over Rs. 2.5 billion. [2]

Safety and hygiene systems[edit]

Wonder la is one of the only 2 amusement parks in India to implement OHSAS 18001:2007 safety standards. All attractions and components are maintained according to strict tolerances for performance. Wonder la has 5 water treatment plants to recycle, process and filter all types of water. The park has a water quality control laboratory to monitor quality levels of water used for different purposes.

Environment friendliness[edit]

The company has planted more than 2000 trees in order to develop natural shade in the park.[citation needed] The park also has an extensive rainwater harvesting system that collects even roof rain water for drinking purposes. The rain water is collected in various tanks depending on the quality and intended usage, and has a combined capacity to collect over 20 million litres.[citation needed] Wonderla also uses solar energy extensively to heat water in pools and kitchens.


Wonderla has two R&D and assembling units located in Bangalore and Cochin. Among the various rides manufactured by in-house R&D team, 'Twin Flip Monster' is one of the most popular rides.

R&D units have over 200 technicians who design and manufacture rides for in-house purpose and for the clients. Wonderla is also concentrating on the developing export markets in Asia and Africa. Wonderla is the manufacturers of India’s largest ferris wheel- The Sky Wheel.

IPO and New Projects[edit]

The Initial Public Offer of Wonderla Holidays for about Rs 180 crores received overwhelming response. [3] [4]

Wonderla Bangalore[edit]

Inside Wonderla with Sky Wheel in the background

Wonderla has 55 land and water-based rides.

The park features a wide variety of attractions including some rides, water rides, a musical fountain and laser shows, a virtual reality show. Wonderla Bangalore has a full-fledged dance floor with a twist: electronically controlled rain showers. Wonderla also has attractions specially designed for children, and these are gentle yet unusual like a kiddies free fall ride. It uses solar-heated water for all its pools during winter.

Wonderla has conference facilities for up to 1000 persons, and features five restaurants with a total seating capacity of 1150. It has locker rooms with over 2350 lockers and restrooms and showers.[citation needed] The park also features a first aid facility and a paging system.

Wonderla opened its resort, an 84-room hotel complex spread over 100,000 square feet to public in 2012. The resort features dedicated children's play areas and other recreational and conferencing facilities.[1]

Wonderla, Bangalore has been ranked 1st in India and 7th best in Asia by Tripadvisor for 2014, the highest for any Amusement park in India. [5]

Wonderla Kochi[edit]

Wonderla Kochi

Wonderla Holidays owns and operates the popular Wonder la Amusement Park in Kochi, which was originally called Veegaland until it was re-branded in April 2011.[2] This park is situated on the top of a hill at Pallikkara, 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) from the city of Kochi. The park was set up in 2000 and was designed by architect Joseph John.


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