Vehicle registration plates of Aruba

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Aruba requires its residents to register their motor vehicles and display vehicle registration plates. The island is one of the last jurisdictions in the world to continue issuing new plates each year rather than showing revalidation through stickers or other documentation.

These plates change each year but since 1983 have displayed the slogan "ONE HAPPY ISLAND". Since 2011 the island name "ARUBA" has been changed to "ARUBA.COM". The plate itself is valid for the first half of the year, and then a metal tab is added to indicate validity during the second half of the year. This tab is painted in the reverse color scheme as the plate and displays the same serial as does the plate.

Plates 1980 to present[edit]

Image Year Plate colors Slogan
1980 white on brown ISLA DI CARNAVAL
1981 black on yellow
1982 red on white
1983 yellow on light blue ONE HAPPY ISLAND
1984 black on yellow
1985 black on white
1986 red on yellow
1987 white on blue
1988 black on white
1989 white on red
1990 white on blue
1991 white on black
1992 black on white
1993 white on brown
License plate Aruba.jpg 1994 white on blue
1995 black on red
1996 blue on white
1997 white on teal
1998 black on white
1999 white on orange
2000 brown on white
2001 black on yellow
2002 white on black
2003 black on orange
2004 yellow on black
2005 white on blue
2006 white on red
2007 black on white
2008 white on green
2009 black on yellow
2010 white on blue
2011 white on red
2012 brown on white
2013 orange on white
2014 black on white

Type codes[edit]

Prefix Type
A Private automobile
DT Diesel Truck

TR ( Gasoline Truck)

O Bus
T Taxi bus and bus
TX Taxi
V Rental car