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Some of the old Number plates in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, the Road Transport Authority (BRTA) issues vehicle registration plates for motor vehicles. The vehicle registration plates in Bangladesh use Bengali alphabets and Bengali numerals. The current version of Vehicle registration plates started in 1973. The International vehicle registration code for Bangladesh is BD.

The general format of vehicle registration plates in Bangladesh is "City - Vehicle Class alphabet and No - Vehicle No". For example : "DHAKA-D-11-9999". The "DHAKA" field represents the city name in Bengali alphabets, the "D" field represents the vehicle class in Bengali alphabets, the "11" field represents the vehicle class in Bengali numerals and the "9999" field represents the vehicle number of the vehicle in Bengali numerals.

The plates are installed in both the front and rear of the vehicle, with the rear plate permanently attached to the vehicle. The plate is only removed when the vehicle has reached the end of service and has been sold for scrap. New vehicles are not delivered to the purchaser until the plates have been attached at the dealership.


Vehicle types[1]
Type Example Description
ঢাকা = Dhaka (City Name)
ঢ = Registration Alphabet "D" (Vehicle Class), ১১ = Registration No. "11" (Vehicle class), ৯৯৯৯ = Vehicle No. "9999"
^ ১১১১১১

The Bengali alphabets permitted in the vehicle registration plate are:


The Bengali numerals permitted in the vehicle registration plate are:


Transportation offices and markings[edit]

Vehicle class alphabet and Vehicle class numbers[edit]

The Vehicle class alphabet is the "D" from the sample format "DHAKA-D-11-9999" and Vehicle class numbers is the "11" from the sample format "DHAKA-D-11-9999", which depends on the vehicle type.

The Bengali alphabet
representing vehicle class
The Bengali Numeral Marking Type of Vehicle
Begin Number End Number
11 99 Medium Private goods (over 3.5 to 7.5 ton)
11 60 Agricultural Vehicle - Power tiller/Tractor
11 99 Heavy private goods (over 7.5 to 22 ton) - Bottle carrier/cargo truck (closed/open)/cargo van/Duap truck/Flat bed truck/Low bud truck/pole carrier/Refrigerator van/Tipper/Panel Van/Demountable truck.
11 99 Motor Cycle (Small) Up to 50 cc
11 99 Motor Car (Small) Up to 1000 cc
11 99 Motor Car (Medium) (1001–1300)
11 99 Motor car (Large) - Car (convertible)/car (coups)/car (estate)/ car (hatch back)/car (limousine)/car (saloon)/car (sedan)/ car (sports)/ car (3 Wheel)/ small Bus.
11 99 Private Passenger (Jeep/st. Wagn) - Hard jeep/soft jeep/station wagon
11 99 Auto Tempo (private)
11 99 Private service (Microbus) - Microbus/Human Hauler/School Bus
11 99 Health Service Vehicle - Ambulance/Mobile dispensary
11 99 Public Service (Mini-bus) - Minibus/Hunan hauler/Touring coach/luxury coach/School bus
11 99 Private service Mini bus (15-3010) - Minibus/Human Hauler/Touring coach/luxury coach/School Bus.
11 99 Heavy Public goods (over 7.5–22 ton)
11 99 Dual Purpose Vehicle - Pick up double cabin/Pickup single cabin/passenger van/prison van/Security van/Standard van/Troop carriage/ Panel van.
11 99 Medium public goods
11 99 Private Articulated Vehicle. - Articulated truck (hWavy/light/lndustrial tractor/locomotive/prime mover
11 99 Auto Rickshaw
11 99 Light Public goods (up to 3.5 ton)
11 99 Taxi Service - Taxi / Cab
11 99 Auto Tempo (Public)
11 99 Public Service(Minibus) - (minibus) Minibus Small(31-45)/Minibus Medium(46-60)/Minibus Large(61-80)Minibus Extra large (more than 80)/minibus(double)
11 99 Motor Car (Ex. large)
11 50 Light Private goods (up to 3.5 ton)
51 99 Delivery Vehicle (up to 2.5 ton) - Delivery van/Mini truck/3wheel van/ 3 wheel truck
11 99 Prime Minister’s office (Any vehicle)
11 99 President’s office (Any Vehicle)
11 99 Motor Cycle (Large) (Over 125 cc) - Moped/Scooter/Motor Cycle
11 99 Special Purpose Vehicle - Cleaning Vehicle/Concrete (mixer/pusper)/Crash tander/Earth (digger/remover) Foam tander/Fork lift/grander/Hearse/Invalid carriage/Ladder carrier Mobile crane/pay loader/Refuse Vehicle/tow truck/*** tander/****
11 99 Private Service Mini bus (31- 410) - Minibus Small(31-45)/ Minibus Medium(46-60)Minibus Large(61-80) Extra Large(more than 30) minibus(double Decker)/*****
11 99 Motor Cycle (Medium) 51-125 cc

Vehicle Number[edit]

The Vehicle number is the last four numbers "9999" of the sample format "DHAKA-D-11-9999" which is unique to each motor vehicle with respect to the previous fields of the number plate, all together makes the complete plate unique to each motor vehicle. pabna a 02-2025