Vehicle registration plates of East Timor

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Registration plate of East Timor

Vehicle registration plates of East Timor are similar in shape to those used in Australia, and use a similar font. Vehicle registation numbers consist of five digits, and display the letters TLS, short for Timor Lorosae, the name for East Timor in Tetum. The current format started in 2002.

Vehicle types[edit]

Vehicle types[1]
Type Example Meaning
Government vehicles, Palácio de Governo, Dili

Government vehicles have a similar format, but with four digits and the letter 'G'.

Portuguese Timor[edit]

Portuguese Timor vehicle registration plate format

When the country was a Portuguese colony, known as Portuguese Timor, vehicle registrations followed the same format to those used in Portugal, and other colonies, using the prefix T (for Timor) or alternatively TP for Timor Português or Portuguese Timor in Portuguese in white letters on a black background.

Indonesian rule[edit]

Following its invasion and occupation by Indonesia in 1975, East Timor (known as Timor Timur in Indonesian) was declared the country's 27th province. The letters DF were used for registrations in East Timor.