Vehicle registration plates of Georgia (country)

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EU style Georgian new registration plate
EU style Georgian new registration plate — WI-111-KI
Old Georgian registration plate

Vehicle registration plates of Georgia are composed of an embossed serial of two letters, a hyphen three numbers a hyphen and two letters (e.g. AB-123-AB), in black on a white background with blue vertical strip on the left. The plates are issued in the Latin alphabet. Georgian license plates are the same size as the most common European license plate. All plates have the abbreviation "GE" in the lower left corner of the plate and the national flag in the upper left corner. This set of new style license plates have got in use from September 1 of 2014.[1]

A new, European-style of license plate have been introduced in September 1 of 2014. These are to have sets of two letters first and last (like French license plates), with three numerals in the middle. A blue strip on the left contains the Georgian flag and a "GE", while there will be a small security hologram on the bottom right.[1] As additional security features license plates have watermark-like symbol of the LEPL Service Agency of MIA of Georgia and machinery readable Data Matrix Code near the hologram. The old style plates with three letters, a hyphen and three numbers (e.g. ABC-123) and in black on a white background will remain valid until 2020 at least. To accommodate owners of imported American or Japanese vehicles, a more square styled plate is also available.[1]

Car old designations[edit]

Originally the first letter of the old registration plate was assigned according to the territory where the vehicle was registered:

SOS-series old plate.

Once the system was exhausted, it was removed. Anyone may buy the combination they like. Some commercial organization have bought up all the number sequences of the old license plates within one tri-letter combination (e.g. all the TBC license plates are owned by TBC Bank, and all the MZE license plates are owned by Mze TV Company). Ambulances had license plates in the PSP series, after the pharmaceutical company sponsoring them, and fire engines have license plates in the SOS series.

Abkhazia and South Ossetia[edit]

The self-proclaimed republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia issue their own license plates: Russian-style plates in Abkhazia and Soviet-style plates in South Ossetia. Since 2004 these license plates are forbidden to be used on the territory controlled by the government of Georgia; while the Georgian license plates are not allowed to be used on the territory controlled by separatists. Thus most cars that cross the boundaries of the unrecognised republics have to use Russian license plates.

Military plates[edit]

Military license plate

As of 2011, military police patrol vehicle plates were black with white letters, with a narrow yellow strip on the left containing the letters "GA" above each other. The code was two Latin letters followed by three numerals, with a safety hologram separating them. Dimensions are 550 mm (22 in) by 110 mm (4.3 in).[2] Regular military license plates receive a green strip on the left.

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