Vehicle registration plates of Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyz registration plates were first issued in 1980, when the country was still a republic of the Soviet Union. Despite having gained its independence in 1991, it continued to use the old Soviet plates until the introduction of the current format in 1994.[1]



Between 1980 and 1993, Kyrgyz plates were manufactured to the Soviet GOST 3207-77 standard. The characters were of the following format: x ## ## XX where x is a lowercase Cyrillic counter letter; # is any digit between 0 and 9; and XX are two uppercase Cyrillic letters indicating where the vehicle was registered (e.g. БИ for Bishkek).

с 15 63 БИ


Current series Kyrgyz registration plate

1994 saw the launch of the current format, which resembles more closely the style of registration plates used in Europe. The most notable changes are the switch from Cyrillic letters to Latin, and the presence of the Kyrgyz flag in a narrow band to the left of the plate. The alphanumerics are rendered in DIN 1451. The plate format is: X 9999 XX while first letter is based on geographic location.

Pelak shakhsi-KY.png

Region identifiers (current series)[edit]

Prefix Region
А Batken Province
B Bishkek
C Chuy Province
D Jalal-Abad Province
E Bishkek (outskirts)
I Issyk Kul Province
N Naryn Province
O Osh
S Chuy Province
T Talas Province
Z Osh Province

Region identifiers (previous series)[edit]

Suffix Region
БИ Bishkek
ЖД Jalal-Abad Province
ИК Issyk Kul Province
НР Naryn Province
ОШ Osh Province
ТФ Talas Province
ТЯ Tian Shan Province
ФИ Chuy Province
ЧС Chuy Province