Vehicle registration plates of South Carolina

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The state of South Carolina began requiring its citizens to register their vehicles and display license plates on their cars in 1917.

Passenger baseplates 1990 to present[edit]

In 1956, the U.S. states and Canadian provinces came to an agreement with the Automobile Manufacturers Association that fixed the size for license plates for vehicles, except those for motorcycles, at six inches in height by twelve inches in width, with standardized mounting holes. The 1955 (dated 1956) issue was the first South Carolina license plate that complied with these standards.

Image Dates issued Design Slogan Serial format Serials issued Notes
South Carolina 1994 ADJ 630.jpg 1990 to December 1997 Carolina Wren (state bird). Dated "91" in right sticker box. none ABC 123 AAA 101 to ? Awarded "Plate of the Year" for best new license plate of 1990 by the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association, the first and, to date, only time South Carolina has been so honored.
January 1998 to summer 2008 Sabal palmetto (state tree). Dated "99" in right sticker box. Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places. 123 ABC 101 AAA to present Numbers 101 to 900 issued for each letter series. Serials were initially embossed but were surface-printed beginning at around the X series, and extended to number 999.
South Carolina In God We Trust License Plate.JPG 2003 to present Black on light blue with national and state flags. In God We Trust 123 4AB 101 1AA to present No-cost optional plate. Serials were initially embossed but were later surface-printed.
Summer 2008 to present Black on multicolored sunset background with state flag motif at center. TRAVEL2SC.COM ABC 123 AAA 101 to present Serials are surface-printed.

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