Vehicle registration plates of Sri Lanka

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Vehicle registration plates of Sri Lanka started soon after introduction of motorcars in 1903. Initially the numbers started with Q, and the oldest existing plate is "Q 53" of a 1903 Wolsley. Later the island was divided into sections from "A " to "Z" (Ex A 123 ), then after WWII it changed to the two English letter plates combining pairs of letters in the word CEYLON . These series were CL XXXX , EY XXXX, EL XXXx . Afterwards in 1956 a new system with the Sankrit letter Sri in the middle was introduced, this started from Reg no "1 Sri 1". The system was complex and still baffles many foreigners . The current version started in 2000. As of 2013 a new system with 3 English letters starting from AAA 0001 has been introduced.

Vehicle types[edit]

Vehicle types[1]
Type Example Meaning

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WP = Western Province