Vehicle registration plates of Transnistria

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Army plate
Civilian Plate on a Nissan vehicle

The License Plates of Transnistria are composed of a letter, three numbers and two more letters. The plates are the same size and colour combination as Moldovan plates, having however the Transnistrian flag rather than the Moldovan coat of arms on the left side and a holographic sticker instead of the country code MD. A government plates are only composed three numbers and two letters. The letters can be used only look like a Latin letters: A,B,C,E,H,K,M,P,T,X,Y.

Moldovan authorities have been reported to confiscate Transnistrian plates as the registration of vehicles in the Transnistrian region is illegal for Moldovans.[1] Vehicle registration plates of Transnistria are only valid in Abkhazia, Belarus, Russia, South Ossetia, and Ukraine. Although they may be permissible in other jurisdictions, this information is not known.

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