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This article is about a brand of touch fastener. For other uses, see Velcro (disambiguation).
For discussion of the fastener, see Hook and loop fastener.

Velcro is a brand of fabric hook and loop fastener, invented in 1948 by the Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral. De Mestral patented Velcro in 1955, subsequently refining and developing its practical manufacture until its commercial introduction in the late 1950s.

De Mestral gave the name Velcro, a portmanteau of the French words velours ("velvet"), and crochet ("hook"),[1][2][3] to his company, which continues to manufacture and market the fastening system.

While the term Velcro has become genericized (i.e., the term is commonly used to mean any type of hook-and-loop fastener)[1] it in fact remains a registered trademark in many countries, used to distinguish hook and loop fasteners marketed by the Velcro company,[4] headquartered in Amsterdam.[5]

In popular culture[edit]

In the fictional universe of Star Trek, Velcro was invented by the Vulcans. In the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Carbon Creek", a sample of Velcro is taken from a crashed Vulcan starship and given to a patent clerk to raise money for a teenage boy's college career. Also, one of the Vulcan crewmembers in that episode is named Mestral.

In 1988 Velcro was mentioned in the comic-strip Peanuts. In the March 21 cartoon Sally brings a Praying Doll into school for "show and tell". The dolls hands are held together by Velcro, which leads to the question if Velcro is mentioned in the New Testament.[6]

In 1992 Velcro was mentioned in the sitcom Seinfeld, episode "The Wallet", where Jerry's father, Morty Seinfeld, states that he hates Velcro, due to the distinctive sound it makes when the two sides are being separated: "The Velcro! I can't stand Velcro! That tearing sound".

In 1997 Velcro was mentioned in the movie MIB, as a extra terrestrial technology given to humans.

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