Velika Plaža

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Velika Plaža
Beaches of Ulcinj
Country Montenegro
Municipality Ulcinj
Material Natural fine sand of gray colour.
Little depth and soft drop.
For public Yes

Velika Plaža (Cyrillic: Велика Плажа, pronounced [ʋɛ̂likaː plǎːʒa], Albanian: Plazhi i Madh, English: Long Beach) is a beach in Ulcinj Municipality, Montenegro. It stretches from Port Milena in Ulcinj to Bojana River, which separates it from Ada Bojana.


The beach's length is 12,000 meters (8 miles), thus is the longest beach in Montenegro.

The New York Times included Velika Plaza and Montenegro's South Coast (including Ada Bojana and Hotel Mediteran in a ranking of top travel destinations for 2010 - "Top Places to Go in 2010".[1]

Future Development[edit]

Velika Plaza is natural asset of Montenegro that the government hopes to see developed as part of the country's tourism development strategy, albeit in an environmentally friendly manner. The vast hinterland of the beach is mostly undeveloped, so it is potentially the site of the biggest greenfield investment on Montenegrin coast.

So far, a public competition has been announced on creating a masterplan of developing a sustainable waterfront community, through means of public private partnership.

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Coordinates: 41°53′33″N 19°17′45″E / 41.89250°N 19.29583°E / 41.89250; 19.29583