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Velocity Micro
Type Privately owned
Industry Computer hardware
Founded 1997
Headquarters Richmond, Virginia, USA
Products Desktops
Subsidiaries Overdrive PC

Velocity Micro is a privately held computer manufacturer located in Richmond, VA (USA), specializing in custom high performance gaming computers and pro workstations. Its extended product line includes gaming PCs, notebooks, CAD workstations, digital media creation workstations, home and home office PCs, home entertainment media centers, Tesla based supercomputers, and business solutions. Most products are custom assembled by hand in the company's headquarters.


Velocity Micro traces its origins to 1992 when founder Randy Copeland began designing and producing high-performance computer systems to run CAD software and other demanding applications. These computer systems were custom-built to facilitate the design process and tailored to the extreme needs of each client. Velocity Micro was officially founded in 1997 as an extension of this highly individualized, high-performance computing philosophy.

In 2001, Copeland accepted the opportunity to appear in Maximum PC's boutique roundup article entitled "Minor League, Major Performance". The quote which appeared in that Feb 2002 issue — "put together with the kind of care and craftsmanship the behemoth manufacturers can't offer" — propelled Velocity Micro forward and is still used by the company today.[1]

In May 2007, Velocity Micro acquired former competing boutique builder, Overdrive PC, known for their extreme overclocking capabilities they term "HyperClocking." Since the acquisition, Velocity Micro has begun to incorporate HyperClocking into many of its extreme gaming systems. Overdrive PC remains a separate brand under Velocity Micro ownership.[2]

In 2010, Velocity Micro entered the eReader and tablet computer markets with the release of the first Cruz products: the Cruz Reader and the Cruz Tablet (T100). These Android-based devices feature 7" full-color screens. The Cruz Reader utilizes a resistive touch screen, whereas the Cruz Tablet makes use of the more advanced and responsive capacitive touch screen.


Cruz Reader

In August 2005, Velocity Micro began offering pre-configured, high-performance desktops in select Best Buy stores across the country, followed by that September. In July 2007, Velocity Micro began offering notebooks and desktops in Circuit City Stores across the country.[3] Circuit City Stores filed for bankruptcy and closed all of their stores in 2009. In November 2008, Velocity Micro announced they were also moving into the online retail outlets, NewEgg, TigerDirect, and Staples. In January 2009, Velocity Micro announced they were moving into Frys stores nationwide. In 2010 the Cruz Reader [4] and Cruz Tablet [5] went on sale at Borders Books and elsewhere.


Velocity Micro has won over 60 industry media awards for performance and craftsmanship[6]including 12 Editor's Choice awards from PC Magazine. CNET, Maximum PC, PC World, HardOCP, Computer Gaming World, and Computer Shopper have all awarded Velocity Micro machines high marks.[7][8][9][10] In Sept. 2007, Velocity Micro won PC Magazine's "Reader's Choice for Service and Reliability" Award.[11]

The latest major award comes from, which named the Velocity Micro Vector Z25 as "Best Mainstream Desktop of 2013" after consideration of all mainstream desktop computers covered during the entire year 2013. [12]


Velocity Micro’s major competitors include high end boutiques such as Alienware by Dell, AVADirect, Maingear, Origin PC, and Falcon Northwest.


Over the past decade, this company has won more than 60 Editors' Choice awards in total, with over 100 total media reviews. [13] In a July 2008 review from PC Magazine, the company received an Editors Choice award for its Vector Campus Edition model.[14] In November 2008, Core i7 based systems from Velocity Micro won Editors' Choice awards from Maximum PC[15] and CNET.[16] More recently, in April 2013 the Velocity Micro Vector Z25 won and Editors Choice award from PC Magazine, stating "the Z25 is a midtower PC with all the goods".[17]


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