Velocity SE

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Velocity SE
Velocity SE RG at the Mojave Spaceport
Role Homebuilt aircraft
National origin United States
Manufacturer Velocity Aircraft
Designer Duane Swing
Introduction 1995
Variants Velocity XL
The prototype Rocket Racer, a modified Velocity SE climbing to 10,000 feet (3,000 m) on it first full flight, October 29, 2007 at the Mojave Spaceport
The Rocket Racer on landing roll-out at Mojave.

The Velocity Model 173 SE (Standard Elite) is the entry level canard pusher aircraft from Velocity Aircraft. [1][2][3] The four seat, rear engine aircraft may be powered by a Lycoming IO-320 (160 hp) or a Lycoming IO-360 (200 hp) engine.[1]


Velocity SE-FG
Fixed landing gear version, 88 completed and flown by December 2011.[2]
Velocity SE-RG
Retractible landing gear version, 180 completed and flown by December 2011.[2]

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