Vemac RD320R

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Vemac RD320R
Mach GoGoGo Shaken RD320R 2011 Super GT Fuji 250km.jpg
Category Super GT GT300
Constructor Vemac
Technical specifications
Chassis Hybrid steel aluminum
Suspension (front) Double Wishbone
Suspension (rear) as front
Length 4610mm
Width 1995mm
Height 1160mm
Engine HPD C32B
Zytek ZV348 3900cc V8 Naturally aspirated Mid-engined, longitudinally mounted.
Transmission 6-Speed + 1 reverse manual sequential
Weight 1150 kg
Tyres Advan, Kumho 300-640x18/355-710x18 (275-620x17/330-700x17)
Competition history
Notable entrants Team Uematsu Nova
Team Mach
Avanzza Rosso
Notable drivers Ryohei Sakaguchi
Masaki Matsushita
Tetsuji Tamanaka
Naoya Yamano
Shogo Suho
Junichiro Yamashita
Debut 2004 Okayama 300km
Races Wins Poles Fastest laps
50 2 0 0
Constructors' Championships 0
Drivers' Championships 0

The Vemac RD320R is a Japanese Super GT GT300 class prototype racer. The Shiden is a joint venture with a body designed by the Japanese automotive design company Vemac.


the spectifications are reasonably minninmal, 0-60 takes 2.8secs (gts320) 3.3secs (xgtr) max speed as follows- xgtr- 205 mph gts320- 251 mph