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National Army of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Ejército Nacional de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela
Military shield of venezuela.png
Venezuelan Army Emblem
Active 19 April 1810 – present
(205 years, 1 month)
Country  Venezuela
Branch Army of Venezuela
Role To protect and guaranty the permanent sovereignty of the nation against any external, or internal threats.
Size 120,000 (2010)[citation needed]
Part of Under the Ministry of the People's Power for Defense
Patron Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Motto "Forger of liberties"
Colors Blue, Red         
Anniversaries June 24, Army Day and anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo
Minister of the People's Power for Defense of the Republic of Venezuela and Commandant of the Operational Strategic Command of the National Armed Forces General-in-Chief Vladimir Padrino López
Commanding General, Venezuelan Army Major General Gerardo Izquierdo Torres
Inspector General, Venezuelan Army Divisional General Luis Medina Fernandez
Chief of Staff, Venezuelan Army Divisional General Jesus Alberto Milano Mendoza
Flag Bandera ejercito.jpg

The National Army of Venezuela is one of the four professional branches of the Armed Forces of the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela It has the responsibility for land-based operations against external, or internal threats that may put the sovereignty of the nation at risk.

It is the largest military branch of Venezuela and the second in Latin America, which in 24 June 1821 won a huge military victory against the Empire of Spain, which led to the independence of the nation. It later contributed to the independence of the present-day countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Bolivia.

Mission and vision[edit]

Its mission, as the ground forces of the National Armed Forces of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is to:

  • Secure the ground defenses of the nation,
  • Contribute to the establishment of democratic institutions and build up respect and full compliance to the laws of the Republic as mandated,
  • Support national development and integration,
  • And to participate in programs of international cooperation and peacekeeping.

Its vision statement is as follows:

We are the Army that supports freedom, today based on loyalty, discipline, skills, backed by a constant training routine, constant administration and the vigilance in our excellent operative skills. To achieve these ends we shall guarantee ourselves the fulfillment of our highest functions: National military defense and security.

Functions of the Army[edit]

In accordance with the Article 9 of the National Armed Forces Organic Law as amended, the functions of the Army are to

  • Organize, train and equip units for ground forces operations
  • Establish doctrines for the various operations it has to undertake
  • Participate in military mobilization programs
  • Maintain the national borders
  • And actively achieve readiness to develop technologies and scientifically advances for the advancement of national defense

Official hymn[edit]

Spanish lyrics[edit]


Adelante marchemos, valientes, al combate y al rudo fragor
por la patria muy altas las frentes, despleguemos pujanza y valor.
Por la patria muy altas las frentes, despleguemos pujanza y valor.
Nuestra sangre es la savia del pueblo y en el pueblo se plasma en canción
es la rosa más pura del viento que en la historia da brillo a la acción,
En las aguas, el aire y la tierra la victoria es el alba inmortal,
si sublime es el triunfo en la guerra, preservemos la gloria y la paz.


Y si el brazo extranjero se atreve a infamar de este suelo el honor
antes muerte mil veces nos llegue que rendirnos al torpe invasor,
pues de todas las patrias que el cielo diera al hombre en morada de amor,
es la nuestra el más hondo desvelo en el sueño de un mundo mejor.



The Venezuelan Army is divided into 4 main commands and 6 army divisions as well as other independent units reporting to Headquarters, Venezuelan Army. The Army's Air Defense Artillery Brigades also report directly, as part of the Venezuelan Air Force Air Defense Forces Command, to the Operational Strategic Command for national defense purposes in air defense matters.

Army major commands[edit]

Army General Command[edit]

  • Army Headquarters
  • Army HQ Escort and Security Battalion "Lieutenant General Daniel Florence O'Leary"
  • Army General Staff
  • Army Inspector General's Office

Army Logistics Command[edit]

  • Command HQ
  • Command HQ Company
  • Inspectoriate General
  • Adjutant General's Corps
  • Acquisitions Office
  • Army Ministers Reception Center
  • Army Armaments Corps
  • Army Intendancy
  • Army Medical Department
  • Army Transportation Corps
  • Army Communications Corps
  • Army Engineers Service
  • 82nd Logistics Support Regiment
  • 83rd Logistics Support Command
  • 84th Logistics Support Command

Army Aviation Command[edit]

  • Command HQ
  • Command, Service and Logistics Company
  • Helicopter Battalion
  • Fixed Wing Air Battalion
  • Special Reconnaissance Battalion
  • Multipurpose Helicopter Battalion
  • Army Aviation Maintenance Center
  • Army Aviation School
  • Army Aviation Center of Administration
  • Army Aviation Flight Simulation and Instruction Center

Army divisions and corps[edit]

1st Infantry Division[edit]

  • HQ Battalion
  • 11th Armored Brigade[1]
  • 12th Caribbean Ranger Brigade
  • 13th Infantry Brigade
  • 14th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
  • 19th Western Air Defense Artillery Brigade
  • 107th Special Operations Battalion "General in Chief Jose Gregorio Monagas"

2nd Infantry Division[edit]

  • HQ Battalion
  • 21st Motorized Infantry Brigade
  • 22nd Mountain Infantry Brigade
  • 23rd Development and Security Brigade
  • 24th Light Infantry Brigade
  • 25th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
  • 29th Plains Air Defense Artillery Brigade
  • 205th Divisional Combat Engineering Battalion
  • Military Police Company

The 79th Andes Air Defense Artillery Brigade reports directly to the Operational Strategic Command, while being in the 2ID's territorial jurisdiction.

3rd Infantry Division[edit]

  • HQ Battalion
  • 31st Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Major General Lucas Carvajal"
  • 32nd Caribbean Ranger Brigade "General-in-Chief José Antonio Páez"[2]
  • 33rd Combat Communications Brigade
  • 35th Military Police Brigade "General Jose de San Martin" [3]
  • 39th Central Air Defense Artillery Brigade "Colonel Juan Perez Ovalles"
  • 302nd Motorized Cavalry Group "Major General Juan Pablo Ayala"
  • 305th Combat Engineers Battalion

4th Armored Division[edit]

5th Jungle Infantry Division[edit]

  • HQ Battalion
  • 5002th Maintenance and Services Coy.
  • 51st Jungle Infantry Brigade
  • 52nd Jungle Infantry Brigade
  • 53rd Jungle Infantry Brigade
  • 59th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
  • 505th Combat Engineers Battalion
  • 509th Special Operations Battalion (Jungle) "Colonel Domingo Montes"
  • 508th Service Support Battalion
  • 507th Communications Battalion

9th Cavalry Division[edit]

  • Division HQ
  • HQ Squadron
  • 91st Cavalry Brigade "Major General Pedro Perez Delgado"
  • 92nd Caribbean Ranger Brigade
  • 93rd Caribbean Ranger Brigade (Mechanized)

6th Corps of Engineers[edit]

  • Corps HQ
  • HQ Battalion
  • 60th Engineers Training Brigade
  • 61st Construction and Maintenance Regiment
  • 62nd Construction and Maintenance Regiment
  • 63rd Construction and Maintenance Regiment
  • 64th Railroad Engineering Brigade


Infantry weapons[edit]

Assault Rifles
 Russia Kalashnikov AK-103[7] AK-103 100,000+[7] Purchased in 2006 with ammunition for $52 million. Two contracts signed in 2006 for $474.6 million to produce AK-103s.[7]Standard issue battle rifle. AK-103 Assault Rifle.JPG
 Russia Kalashnikov AKM[7] AKM 100,000+[7] Purchased in 2005. Standard issue assault rifle AKM automatkarbin, Ryssland - 7,62x39mm - Armémuseum.jpg
 Belgium FN FAL FAL 150,000- FN-FAL belgian.jpeg
 Belgium FN FNC FNC 15.000- FNC IMG 1527.jpg
Machine Gun
 Belgium FN MINIMI MINIMI Unknown number M249 FN MINIMI DA-SC-85-11586 c1.jpg
 Belgium FN MAG MAG Unknown number MAG-latrun-exhibition-1.jpg
 United States of America M60 machine gun M60 Unknown number M60GPMG.jpeg
Sub MachineGun
 Germany H&K MP5 MP5 Unknown number MP5.jpg
 Israel IMI UZI UZI Unknown number Uzi 1.jpg
 Belgium FN P90 P90 Unknown number FN-P90 2.jpg
 Austria Glock 17 Glock Unknown number Glock17.jpg
 Belgium Browning Hi-Power HP Unknown number Browning HP West German Police.jpg
DMRs and Sniper Rifles
 United States of America M14 rifle M14 15.000- M14 rifle - USA - 7,62x51mm - Armémuseum.jpg
 United States of America M700 rifle M700 15.000- Remington Model 700.JPG
 Russia SVD SVD 15.000- Interpolitex 2013 (536-15).jpg
Portable Anti-Materiel Weapons
 Sweden Bofors RBS-70 RBS-70 Unknown number RBS70.jpg
 Russia 9K338 Igla-S (SA-24 Grinch) 9K338 Igla-S Unknown number 9K338 Igla-S (NATO-Code - SA-24 Grinch).jpg
 Russia RPG 7 RPG 7 Unknown number RPG-7 detached.jpg


Air Defense Artillery
 Russia S-300VM Transportable anti-ballistic missile system 1 in service with 11 on order S-300VM VEN.jpg
 Russia BUK-M2 Medium range surface-to-air missile 3 [8] BUK-M2E VEN.jpg
 Russia S-125 Pechora-2M Strategic surface-to-air missile 11 mobile missile systems S-125 Pechora-2M VEN.jpg
 Russia Tor M-1 Tracked surface-to-air missile system 12 already in service[9] with 12 to be delivered [10] for a total of 24[11]
 Russia ZU-23-2 Twin 23mm AA 300[12] units on order from Russia. Zom 1-4 version.[13] Automatic target tracking (mechanism + control electronics), laser rangefinder and optical radar + infrared radar.[14] ZU-23-2 in Saint Petersburg.jpg
Field Artillery - Multiple Rocket Launchers
 Russia BM-21 Grad Multiple rocket launcher 52[15] BM-21 Grad VEN.jpg
 Russia BM-30 Smerch Multiple rocket launcher 12 Azeri "Smerch", parade in Baku, 2013.JPG


AMX-13/LAR-160 160mm Multiple rocket launcher 25 units in storage
Field Artillery - Field Guns and Mortars
 France Thomson Brandt MO-120 120mm mortar Unknown number, also used by the National Militia
 Russia 2S12 Sani 120mm mortar Unknown number 2S12 Sani (heavy mortar system).jpg
 Russia 2S23 120mm self-propelled mortar 13 units Vladimir Putin 14 July 2000-4.jpg
 USA M114 155 mm howitzer 155 mm howitzer 24 units
 USA M101A1 105mm howitzer 105mm howitzer 40 units
 Italy OTO Melara M-56 105mm howitzer 105mm howitzer 50 units
 Russia 2S19 Msta-S 152mm self propelled howitzer 47 units 2S19 Msta-S.JPG
 France AMX-13/Mle F.3155mm 155mm self propelled howitzer 10 units, Being phased out by the 2S19 Msta-S, one already modernized


Tiuna Light utility vehicle Unknown number Tuina.jpg
 Austria Pinzgauer High Mobility All-Terrain Vehicle multipurpose military vehicle 244 Units Pinzgauer High Mobility All-Terrain Vehicle by Nick.JPG


Toyota Land Cruiser (J70) multipurpose military vehicle Unknown number (produced locally and imported)
M35 Fenix 6x6 cargo truck Unknown number M35.jpg
 USA M-35/A2 Reo 6x6 cargo truck Unknown number Truck M35.jpg
 USA Chevrolet Kodiak 7A15 Kodiak 7A15 Unknown number
 Germany MAN 20.280D MAN 20.280D 6x6 cargo truck Unknown number Bundeswehr MAN
 Russia Ural-4320 6x6 cargo truck Unknown number Engineering Technologies - 2012 (2-35).jpg
 Russia Ural-375D 6x6 cargo truck Unknown number Ural375 nva.jpg
 Italy IVECO/Fiat 90PM16 8x8 cargo truck Unknown number Iveco Trakker Straßentankwagen schwer gepanzert.jpg
Armoured Vehicles
 Russia T-72B1V[7] Main battle tank 192+[7] 92 T-72B1V MBTs delivered as of March 2012 from Moscow.Equipment to Venezuela acquired from $2.2 billion loan secured by Chavez' government in 2010. 100 more purchased in 2012. Caracas, Canciller Ricardo Patiño participó en los actos de conmemoración de la muerte de Hugo Chávez (12960720885).jpg
 France AMX-30 Main battle tank 84 units. The AMX-30s and AMX-13C.90s are being phased out by the T-72s, but an upgrading program for them is underway.[16] AMX-30EM2.JPG
 France AMX-13C.90 Light tank 36 units AMX-13 (SM-1).jpg
 UK Scorpion 90FV-101 Light tank 78 units FV101 Scorpion Megapixie.jpg
 Russia BMP-3[7] Infantry fighting vehicles 130 BMP-3M, 10 BREM-L and some BMP-K ordered, first deliveries in 2011,[17] Caracas, Canciller Ricardo Patiño participó en los actos de conmemoración de la muerte de Hugo Chávez (12961157694).jpg
 Russia BTR-80A[7] Armored personnel carrier 114 BTR-80A ordered in 2009.<[17] BTR-80A VEN.jpg
 France AMX-13 Rafaga Light tank Unknown number AMX-13-.jpg
 France AMX-13 VTT-VCI Light tank and armored personnel carrier 75 units (derivatives are used for ambulance, vehicle recovery, artillery designation and command post roles) (25 VTT/VCI, 10 VTT/LT, 20 VTT/PM, 12 VTT/PC, 8 VTT/TB) AMX-13-105mm img 2334.jpg
 France Panhard AML S 530 Armored scout car 10[17] Panhard AML-90 img 2308.jpg
 USA Dragoon 300 LFV2 Armored car 42 units (derivatives are used for ambulance, vehicle recovery, artillery designation and command post roles), to be modernized[18]
 USA Dragoon AFV Armored car 59 units in storage (25 APC, 21 PM, 11 P, 2 R)
 USA V-100/V-150 Commando Armored personnel carrier 80 units in storage (50 LAV-100, 30 LAV-150) V-100CommandoTuyHoa1968Vietnam.jpg
 Germany TPz Fuchs Armored personnel carrier 10 units Transportpanzer Fuchs (TPz Fuchs) der Bundeswehr (10579660405).jpg



Mil Mi-26T of the Venezuelan Army in Russia in March 2008.
Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service[19] Notes
Mil Mi-35  Russia Attack helicopter Mil Mi-35M2 Caribe 10
Mil Mi-17  Russia Transport helicopter Kazan Mi-17V-5 Panare 18 Two losses in accidents
Mil Mi-26  Russia Heavy lift transport helicopter Mil Mi-26T2 Pemon 3
Bell 205  USA Transport helicopter Bell 205A-1/UH-1H Huey 10 being phased out (six UH-1H; four 205A-1)
Bell 206  USA Transport/training helicopter Bell 206B Jet Ranger 4 2 transport, 2 training
Bell 412  USA Transport helicopter Bell 412HP/SP 10 Two B412SP; eight B412HP
Sikorsky S-61  USA Transport helicopter Agusta-Sikorsky AS-61SD Sea King 3 being modernized

Fixed wing[edit]

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service[19] Notes
IAI Arava  Israel Light utility transport 4
Beechcraft Super King Air  USA Transport 2
PZL M28  Poland Light transport 11 ENBV0063 crashed in 2010

According to the handbook Military Balance (formally -, which is publishes an annual report on all weapons systems in all countries, the Army Air Defense Artillery units already receieved 18 Pechora 2M, 200 ZU 23-2ZOM1-4 and 12 (Air Force) Tor-M1.

Commanding Generals of the Army[edit]

Commanding Generals of the Venezuelan Army
Commanding General Term in office
MGEN Francisco Rodríguez del Toro April 1810- July 1811
Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Jul 1811 - Aug. 1812
Office of Commanding General of the Army was vacant from 1812 to January 1813.
GEN Santiago Mariño Jan. 1813 - Jun. 1813
GEN Simón Bolívar (first term) May 1813 - Dec 1814
Office of Commanding General of the Army was vacant from December 1814 to May 1815.
General in Chief José Tadeo Monagas May 1815
Office of Commanding General of the Army was vacant from May 1815 to May 1816.
GEN Simón Bolívar (second term) May 1816 - Aug. 1821
GEN Carlos Soublette Ago. 1821 - Dic. 1822
GEN José Antonio Páez Dec. 1822 - Jan 1847
General in Chief José Tadeo Monagas (2nd term) May 1847 - May 1858
GEN Santiago Mariño (acting) Jun 1848 - August 1848
GEN Julián Castro March 1858 - August 1859 (acting till May 1858)
GEN Pedro E. Ramos Aug 1859 - Dec 1859
GEN León de Febres Cordero Dec 1859 - May 1861
GEN José Antonio Páez (2nd term) May 1861 - Jul 1863
GEN Juan Crisóstomo Falcón Jul. 1863 - April 1868
GEN León Colina (acting) 1864
GEN Antonio Guzmán Blanco (acting) 1866
GEN Manuel Ezequiel Bruzual April 1868 - Jul. 1868
GEN José Tadeo Monagas (3rd term) Jul. 1868 - Nov. 1868
GEN Juan Antonio Sotillo Nov. 1868 - May 1869
GEN José Ruperto Monagas May 1869 - April 1870
GEN Antonio Guzmán Blanco (2nd term) April 1870 - Feb. 1877
GEN Francisco Linares Alcántara Feb. 1877 - Feb. 1879
GEN José Gregorio Valera Nov. 1878 - Feb. 1879 (acting till early February of 1879)
GEN José Gregorio Cedeño Feb. 1879 (acting, served 12 days)
GEN Antonio Guzmán Blanco (3rd term) Feb. 1879 - May 1884
GEN Joaquín Crespo May 1884 - April 1886
GEN Antonio Guzmán Blanco (4th term) April 1886 - August 1887
GEN Hermógenes López August 1887 - June 1888
Doctor Juan Pablo Rojas Paúl Jul. 1888 - Mar. 1890
Doctor Raimundo Andueza Palacio Mar. 1890 - Oct. 1892
GEN Joaquín Crespo (2nd term) Oct. 1892 - Feb. 1898
LTGEN Ignacio Andrade Feb. 1898 - Oct. 1899
LTGEN Cipriano Castro Oct. 1899 - Nov. 1908
LTGEN Juan Vicente Gómez Nov. 1908 - Dec. 1935
LTGEN Eleazar López Contreras Dec. 1935 - May 1941
MGEN Isaías Medina Angarita May 1941 - Oct 1945
LTCOL Carlos Delgado Chalbaud Oct. 1945 - Nov. 1948
LTCOL (later COL, BRIG and MGEN) Marcos Pérez Jiménez Nov. 1948 - Aug 1954
BRIG Hugo Fuentes Aug 1954 - Dec. 1957
BRIG Rafael Virgilio Vivas Dec. 1957 - Jan. 1958
Office of Commanding General of the Army was vacant from January 1958 to January 1959.
BRIG Marco A. Moros A. Jan 1959 - Feb. 1960
MGEN Pedro J. Quevedo D. Feb. 1960 - Jul. 1964
BRIG Pablo A. Flores A. Jul. 1964 - Ene. 1968
MGEN Roberto Morean Soto Ene. 1968 - Feb. 1970
MGEN Víctor M. Maldonado Feb. 1970 - Sep. 1971
MGEN Homero I. Leal T. Sep. 1971 - Feb. 1973
BRIG Juan Manuel Sucre Figarella Feb. 1973 - April 1974
MGEN Manuel I. Bereciartu P. Apr. 1974 - Oct. 1975
MGEN Víctor M. Molino V. Oct. 1975 - Jun. 1977
MGEN Ernesto Brandt T. Jun. 1977 -Jun. 1978
MGEN Arnaldo Castro Jun. 1978 - May 1979
MGENÁngel V. Berrio Brito May 1979 - Jun. 1979
MGEN Tomás Abreu R. Jun. 1979 - Jan. 1980
MGen Rafael G. Marín. G. Jan. 1980 - Jun. 1981
MGEN Vicente L. Narváez O. Jun. 1981 - Jun. 1982
MGEN Luis Octavio Romero Jun. 1982 - Jun. 1983
MGEN Luís J. Silva Tirado Jun. 1983 - Jun. 1984
MGEN José A. Olavarría Jun. 1984 - Jun. 1985
MGEN José Humberto Vivas Jun. 1985 - Jun. 1986
MGEN Elidoro A. Guerrero Jun. 1986 - Jun. 1987
MGEN Italo del Valle Alliegro Jun. 1987 - Jun. 1988
MGEN José María Troconis Peraza Jun. 1988 - Jun. 1989
MGEN Carlos J. Peñaloza Z. Jun. 1989 - Jun. 1991
MGEN Pedro. R. Rangel R. Jun. 1991 - Jun. 1993
MGEN Jorge I. Tagliaferro De Lima Jun. 1993 - Jan 1994
MGENMoisés A. Orozco Graterol Feb 1994 - Dec 1994
Office of Commanding General of the Army was vacant from December of 1994 to January the following year.
MGEN Pedro N. Valencia V. Jan. 1995 - Jul. 1996
MGEN Pedro Hernández G. Jul. 1996 - Jul. 1997
MGEN Wilfredo J. Guerrero Z. Jun. 1997 - Jul. 1998
MGEN Rubén M. Rojas Pérez Jul. 1998 - Feb. 1999
MGEN Noel E. Martínez Ochoa Feb. 1999 - Aug. 1999
MGEN Lucas Rincón Romero* Aug. 1999 - Jun. 2001
MGEN Víctor A. Cruz Weffer Jun. 2001 - Dec 2001
BRIG (later MGEN) Efraín Vásquez Velasco Dec. 2001 - Apr. 2002
MGEN Julio J. García Montoya April 2002 - Jan. 2003
MGEN Jorge Luis García Carneiro* Jan. 2003 - Jan. 2004
MGENRaúl Isaías Baduel* Jan. 2004 - Jul. 2006
MGEN Pedro Azuaje Apitz Jul. 2006 - Jul. 2007
LTGEN Carlos José Mata Figueroa* Jul. 2007 - Mar. 2009
LTGEN Juan Vicente Paredes Torrealba Mar. 2009 - Jul. 2010
LTGEN Euclides Campos Aponte Jul. 2010 - Jul. 2012
LTGEN Carlos Alcalá Cordones Jul. 2012 - Jul. 2013
LTGEN Alexis Ascension López Ramírez Jul. 2012 - Jul. 2014
LTGEN Gerardo Izquierdo Torres Jul. 2014 - Present

(*): Marks promotion to the rank of full General (and appointment as Minister of Defense) after serving term as Commanding General of the Army


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