Vengo a Cobrar

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Vengo a Cobrar
Studio album by Mellow Man Ace
Released June 8, 2004
Genre Hip hop
Label Dimelo Records
Mellow Man Ace chronology
From the Darkness into the Light
Vengo a Cobrar
Ghetto Therapy

Vengo a Cobrar is an album by rapper Mellow Man Ace, released in 2004.


  1. El Padrino Intro
  2. Latinos Mundial
  3. Morondongo Monologues
  4. Wutuknowabout
  5. Mujeres-Benzes
  6. That's My Mama
  7. Vengo a Cobrar
  8. Yzu
  9. Money, Music and Crime
  10. Mas Pingon XXX
  11. Luv My Niggaz
  12. Callejera
  13. Breakin' the Glass
  14. Nasti Voy
  15. Half Man Par Tremendo
  16. Perfect Combination - (with E-Step)
  17. Greg Mack Outro