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This list explores the instances of which the city of Venice, Italy, has been mentioned or alluded to in various media.

Written works referencing Venice[edit]


Poetry and Short Stories[edit]

Novels and Literature[edit]


Visual works referencing Venice[edit]



  • The 1980s Jem episode "In Stitches" takes place in this city.
  • The manga and anime series ARIA take place in the town of Neo-Venezia, based on Venice.
  • Several episodes of manga and anime series Gunslinger Girl take place in Venice.
  • In the manga and anime One Piece the island of Water 7 is based on Venice.
  • The Thief Lord(2006)
  • In the 38th episode of the new Tatsunoko anime Yatterman made in 2008, the Yatterman and the Doronbo Team battle in Venice. The ring that was found on the Campanile de San Marco was taken by the Doronbo Team and it was a fake ring.
  • The fifth series episode of Doctor Who, The Vampires of Venice, takes place in the city in 1580.
  • An episode of The Scooby Doo Show was set in Venice.

Video games[edit]


  • Inkognito (1988) is a board game set in Venice.


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