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Venkatagiri is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 13°58′00″N 79°35′00″E / 13.9667°N 79.5833°E / 13.9667; 79.5833Coordinates: 13°58′00″N 79°35′00″E / 13.9667°N 79.5833°E / 13.9667; 79.5833
Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Nellore
Elevation 60 m (200 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 52,478
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Venkatagiri is a town, municipality and mandal headquarters in Nellore district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.Venkatagiri's old name is "Kali Mili". It is famous for its Handloom Cotton Sarees. Venkatagiri is a place for history and handlooms. It was part of a small kingdom that was integrated into the Indian Republic.

Venkatagiri is well connected by Road and Rail Transport. Famous pilgrimage places like Kalahasti, Kanipakam and Tirupati are within a short distance and can be easily reached by Railways and Roadways. It is also notably close to Chennai, a major port city of India .

Venkatagiri is developing industrially and also in educational sector. Venkatagiri is having Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, APRJC and APRS. NTPC - BHEL is setting up a manufacturing plant near Venkatagiri and in Naidupet road nearly 10 factories were established. Agriculturally also Venkatagiri is contributing effectively. Commercial crops like lemons are being cultivated in 3000 acres in Venkatagiri constituency and Venkatagiri constituency has Kandaleru Reservoir.

Venkatagiri Samsthanam[edit]


Venkatagiri was a small village near Kalivelamma temple with the name Kali Mili during Vijayanagar times which was ruled by Gobburu polygars. They were defeated by Venkatadri Naidu,brother's son of Raja who was ruling territories around Madurantakam in 16th century. He renamed Kalimili with Vaishanava name "Venkatagiri". These Recherla rulers shifted their capital from Velugodu to Venkatagiri during the reign of Pedda Yachama Naidu. He also had ruled his southern territories with Madurantakam as second capital which was granted by Venkatapathi Raya II of Aravidu dynasty of Vijayanagar who ruled from Chandragiri. Later Venkatagiri Rajas abandoned Madhurantakam and ruled their southern territories with North Mallur in Chitoor district as their capital. Raja Bangaru Yachama Naidu Bahudur was trecherously murdered when he was unarmed in 1693AD on the day of Mahanavami by Zu-l-faqar khan, Nawab of vellore during reign of Aurangazeb. Later on 14 taluks were granted to Sarwagna Yachedra, son of assassinated King by Khan with the approval of Emperor in order to prevent heirs of the rajah from complaining to emperor about the murder. After this, the Administration of the kingdom has been transferred completely from north Mallur to Venkatagiri. Raja's Recherla clan was initiated in Nalgonda Dist in Amanagallu village by Chevi reddi around 1198AD – 1208 AD with the sacrifice of life by Rechadu, servant of Chevireddi. The "Gotram" of Venkatagiri rajas was named after him. As per oath gave to him Venkatagiri rajas are celebrating Jatara of Poleramma who is the chief deity of Rechadu's community. The celebration of Jatara in Venkatagiri traced to this tradition. Chevi Reddi also named as Pillalamarri Bethala Naidu was a close associate of Kakatiya King Ganapathi Deva. Rajas of Venkatagiri, Pitauram, Jetprole and Bobbili are his descendents. Thus Chevireddy was the origin person of Venkatagiri Velugoti dynasty of Padma Nayaka Velama Tribe. As per the permanent settlement made with Britishers an "Isthimiral" dated 24 August 1802 was issued to Rajah fixing an annual Periskash of Rs,4,44,232. Thus estate became part of British India. Venkatagiri samsthanam when it was a part of erstwhile Madras Presidency consisted of 736 Villages in addition to that it consisted 617 majara villages.

Notable Venkatagiri Kings

  • Nirvana Rayappa Naidu surnamed Pedda Rayudu, 15th descendant, is an important member, for he was the founder of the place and the Dynasty known as Velugodu. He was a contemporary of the great Carnatic Ruler Krishna Deva Raya living in the sixteenth century and was in the earlier part of his life-time a subject Prince and Commander-in-Chief of Krishna Raya[1]
  • Kumara Rangappa Naidu, 21st descendent, was the foun- der of a line of kings at Bobbili, granted Rajam Estate in 1652 by Sher Muhammed Khan, Nawab of Chicacole, in whose honour it was renamed Bebbooly, later corrupted into Bobbili.
  • Velugoti Sri Raja Kumara Yachendra Naidu (1848–1878), 27th Raja of Venkatagiri. Three of his seven sons were given in adoption to Pithapuram, Bobbili and Jetprole.He was awarded "Stars of India" by British Queen for his great administration. He proposed and propagated "Manasakhyam Principle",a principle saying intuition is God.
  • Velugoti Sir Raja Gopala Krishna Yachendra (1878–1916), G.C.I.E. [1915], K.C.S.I. [cr.1888], Member of Legislative Council (Madras) 1888, Kaiser-i-Hind Medal [1900].
  • Velugoti Sir Govinda Krishna Yachendra (1916–1937), K.C.I.E. [1922]
  • Raja Venugopala Krishna Yachendra, born on 11 February 1874, founded the Veterinary Hospital in Madras, and was the recipient of a First-class Kaiser-i-Hind Gold Medal from the Government of India. He was also known for his love of riding and sports. In 1893 he went to England with his brother, the Maharajah of Bobbili and had an inter- view with His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales ; he died unmarried on 25 June 1920.
  • Raja Velogoti Muthu Krishna Yachendra is the person who promoted education in the area. He undertook RVM High School, Venkatagiri established in 1860 for developing it and established Venkatagiri Town Club in 1891AD.

In 1947, Venkatagiri became a part of the newly independent Indian Republic and the kingdom was dissolved. The Velugoti Family still commands a great respect and influence in the region. The 32nd raja of Venkatagiri died in 2010.


State: Andhra Pradesh

Location: Venkatagiri is a municipality and mandal headquarters.

District: Nellore.

Distance from Major Cities:

Chennai:170 km Bengaluru:300 km Tirupathi:50 km Kadapa:120 km Hyderabad:560 km


Venkatagiri is located at 13°58′00″N 79°35′00″E / 13.9667°N 79.5833°E / 13.9667; 79.5833.[2] It has an average elevation of 60 metres (197 feet).


As of 2001 India census,[3] Venkatagiri Mandal had a population of 75,236. Venkatagiri Rural consists of 58 Revenue Villages. Venkatagiri became municipality in 6-1-2005 by merging Venkatagiri,ChevireddiPalli,Periyavaram,Bangarupet,Ammavaripet and Manulalapet Panchayats.Total population of municipality is 52,478.Venkatagiri has an average literacy rate of 67%,higher than the national average of 59.5%.Total area of municipality is 23.50 SqKms.


The nearest international airport is at Chennai which is 170 km away. International Airport in Renigunta is under construction which is just 40 km away. Reaching here, one can hire a taxi to reach Venkatagiri. Nellore has a railhead and the railway station is located between Gudur Junction and Renigunta Junction.

Venkatagiri is not connected with National Highway 5 (NH 5) which serves major towns like Gudur, Nellore and Kavali in the district. It is located on the way to Tirupathi from Nellore. For local transportation, taxis and auto-rickshaws are easily available. For transportation to Chennai apart from APSRTC Buses, Sri Bramrambha Motor Transport and Bharathi Transport run buses daily. Direct train route is not there from Venkatagiri to Chennai.Venkatagiri is also well connected to Bengaluru through direct bus route.

Assembly and Parliamentary Constituency[edit]

Venkatagiri is an assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh. There are 1,84,082 registered voters in Venkatagiri constituency in 2009 elections.

List of Elected Members:

  • 1955 - Padileti Venkataswamy Reddy and Kamatham Shanmugam (INC)
  • 1955 to 1967 - Allam Krishnaiah (INC)
  • 1967 - Orepalli Venkata Subbaiah (INC)
  • 1978 - Nallapareddy Sreenivasulu Reddy (INC)
  • 1983 - Nallapareddy Chandrasekhar Reddy (TDP)
  • 1985 - Velugoti Bhaskara Saikrishna Yachendra (TDP)
  • 1989 - Nedurumalli Janardhana Reddy (INC)
  • 1994 - Raja VVRK. Yachendra Velugoti (TDP)
  • 1999 - nedurumalli rajya lakshmi(INC)
  • 2004 - Nedurumalli Rajyalaxmi (INC)
  • 2009 - Kurugondla Ramakrishna (TDP)

Venkatagiri Assembly Constituency falls under Tirupati Lok Sabha Constituency. This constituency is reserved for the candidates belonging to the Scheduled castes. Mr Chinta Mohan is representing Tirupathi Constituency at present.

Notable attractions[edit]

  • Venkatagiri is a place for sarees and saree designs."GI" Chairman Kuriyan said that Venkatagiri Sarees are eligible to get Geographical Identification.
  • "Poleramma Jatara" is celebrated with grandeur. Poleramma is the village goddess and this festival is conducted in her honour.
  • There is a famous Lord Shiva temple Kolithota from Venkatagiri around 8 km through "AMUDURU" village and just before the forest.
  • Venkatagiri Durgam, a rock fort about 8 miles West of Venkatagiri Town was a defensive arrangement made by Rajah of Venkatagiri. The Venkatagiri Durgam trail is still untouched other than by the locals and a few adventure groups and is not yet a regular destination for the trekkers. The trekking path is covered with small to medium sized pebbles, and you pass through thick thorny bushes, beautiful mountains, steep rocky mountains and waterfalls.
  • Venkatagiri Fort built in 1775AD attracts visitors from all over the district. Front portion of the fort namely "Indra Mahal" was built in 1883AD.
  • Venkatagiri is surrounded by a dense forest extending to the Tirupati Hills. This forest houses many sensual places of natural beauty like "Kona Malleshwara Kona".Here one can see water falls falling from 80 ft. height and also 300 years old "Shiva Lingam".
  • Kasi Viswanadha temple was built by Bangaru Yachama Naidu in 1760 AD on the banks of Kaivalya river. The street in which the temple located derived the name Kasipet because of this reason.
  • 9th Battalion of Andhra Pradesh Special Police is also located in Vallivedu Village of Venkatagiri mandal.
  • There is temple of Sri Gowrabathini Rudra Murthy Swamy belonging to 1676 AD in Manulalapet. He is the follower of Veerahusenayya (sisya of Veerabramhendra Swamy).Every year his birthday named "Rudrayya Orutu" is being celebrated in the Village.
  • There is a cricket stadium at Venkatagiri known as "Tarakarama Krida Pranganam" built by Sri Raja Ram Prasad Yachedra which hosts Zonal Matches in the state. Venkatagiri hosted ranji match in 1960.

Famous Personalities[edit]

  • N.Sai Murali, world's top 50 eye surgeon and has operated more than 2 lakh eyes till date.
  • Velugoti Sai Krishna Yachendra, creator of sangeetha geyadhara.
  • K.S.R.Das,Telugu Film Director.He is famous for first Cow Boy Picture in Telugu "Mosagallaki Mosagadu".

Venkatagiri Sari[edit]

Main article: Venkatagiri Sari

Venkatagiri Town is famous for the Jari Cotton handloom sarees. It has got its own unique weaving excellence and one need not compare with any other technique whether it is hand woven or machine made. Even today one can specify and get a designer sarees for a price and that will be made for only one person one time. In fact in the earlier days these weavers used to weave very few sarees for the Kings, and the return they get from them was sufficient for whole of the year. Venkatagiri is famous for "Jamdani" design which was imported from Bangladesh. Four Venkatagiri weavers won President award for weaving this design.

The handlooms in Venkatagiri are famous for their softness and durability. The handloom fabrics are soft and comfortable to wear and also suit all climates. Mainly Venkatagiri looms manufacture sarees, but now as per demand dress materials are also weaved. Around 20,000 people in Venkatagiri depend on weaving. Sarees are mainly weaved in areas like Padmasali street, Pathakota Street, Manulalapet, Bangarupet, NTR Colony, BC Colony, Mallamma Temple Area and Sivalayam Street in the town.

Indian Institute of Handloom Technology: There are six institutes of Handloom Technology at present in the country, situated at Salem (TN), Varanasi (UP), Guwahati (Assam), Venkatagiri (AP), Jodhpur (Rajasthan) and Gadag-Betgeri (Karnataka).The foundation stone for IIHT, Venkatagiri was laid by Honorable Sri N. Janardhan Reddy, then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 01-8-1991. The institute initially started to function in a rented building in Kasipet area of Venkatagiri. Later a part of the institute was constructed in Cross Road of Venkatagiri i.e. a weaving shed was opened by the former Chief Minister Sri N. Janardhan Reddy on 30-10-1992. A three-year Diploma course in Handloom Technology is imparted in this institute the syllabus, scheme of examinations, etc. are same for all the six institutes. The course usually commences on 1 July and closes on 30 April every year for summer vacation. Every year 60 students are admitted as per quota of seats allotted for each state.

Even though Venkatagiri is famous for Handloom Sarees, earlier the master weavers would get their yarn dyed from other places of Tamil Nadu. Sri Kasula Sreeramulu started a dyeing unit on his own and was successful in running the unit for four decades. This helped more dyeing units to come up at Venkatagiri resulted in saving time and money for the weavers.

Famous Sarees & Cloth Showrooms in Venkatagiri :

  • Dwaraka exclusive fashions
  • Kasula Krishnaiah Sons
  • Parameswara Vastralayam
  • Parameswara Saree House
  • Boda Subramanyam Chenetha vastralayam
  • Donthu Sarees
  • Sumangali sarees
  • Mada Sarees
  • Balaji Sarees
  • Sree Nilayam
  • Sree Lakshmi Nilayam
  • Nakka Venkataramanaiah Sarees
  • Kasula Krishnaiah Sons
  • R.C.Cloth Show Room
  • Sri Padmavathi Chenetha Vastralayam
  • Sri Jaya Lakshmi Chenetha Vastralayam
  • Munagapati Venkata Swamy Sons
  • Meda Pullaiah Handlooms
  • Kumar's Gents Show Room

Famous Sarees Printing Works in Venkatagiri :

  • Kasula Nageswara Rao

Industrial and Agricultural Growth[edit]

  • NBPPL has a plan to establish manufacturing facility at Mannavaram in Sri Kalahasthi Mandal (Just 8 km away from Venkatagiri) for Balance of Plant, such as Coal Handling, Ash Handling Plant and also for the manufacture of main power plant equipment, such as Turbine, Generator, Boiler to meet the growing demand of power in the country. The manufacturing facility for BOP will be ready by 2011-12 followed by manufacturing facility for equipment like Turbine, Generator and Boiler likely to be established by 2014-15. Once fully established, installed capacity of the plant will be 5000 MW per year at an estimated total investment of Rs. 6000 crores.
  • Major crops grown around Venkatagiri are sugarcane, lemons, rice and groundnut. Considering the importance of lemonpPlantation, the Lemon Research Centre was started in Venkatagiri by Ex-Chief Minister N.Janardhan Reddy. Venkatagiri is one out of twelve agricultural divisions in Nellore district. Kandeleru reservoir built on Kandeluru river born in Veligondalu is in Rapur mandal. It serves Venkatagiri mandal irrigation requirements also.Kandaleru river is one of the check points of Telugu Ganga Project.The Telugu Ganga Project office is located in Venkatagiri.
  • Exports of Lemon to various states such as north India,some of the lemon merchants in venkatagiri are as follows Ramana Reddy,K.Munaswami Naidu,Chittamuri Venkata Subramanyam,A.Baalaiah et..

Banks and Financial Institutions[edit]


Phone No.08625-257999, [1]

  • Indian Overseas Bank-1 ATM
  • Syndicate Bank - 1 ATM
  • Andhra Bank - 1 ATM
  • State Bank of India - 2 ATMs
  • Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank - Bazar Street
  • Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank - Bangarupet
  • Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank - Cross Roads
  • Nellore District Co-Operative Central Bank Limited
  • Punjab National Bank - Mopuru Branch,Venkatagiri Block
  • Muthoot Finance
  • Kapil Chits
  • Sriram Chits
  • Kamadhenu Finance
  • Mannapuram Gold Loan
  • Life Insurance Corporation - Satellite Office
  • Venkata Sai Finanace

Cinema / Theater[edit]

  • Sri Bramarambha Movie Land/DTS
  • Jyothi Mahal/QUBE /DTS
  • Tribhuvani Deluxe/Dolby Digital System
  • Venkateswara Palace

Boarding and Lodging[edit]

  • Hotel Dwaraka
  • Brundavanam Lodge
  • CMR A1 Grand A/C Lodge
  • DVS Lodge
  • Sri Krishna Lodge
  • Sri Maruthi Deluxe Lodge
  • Sri Sai Rest House
  • MGR Rest House
  • Annapurna Restaurant
  • Vikranth Bar and Restaurant
  • Sudha Mess

Since Venkatagiri is not a regular destination for the trekkers and not connected to National Highway, Hospitality Industry is not much developed in Venkatagiri. Even in the absence of good hotels, several messes, Biryani Points and Tiffin/Fast Food Centres serve the local people and visitors' needs.

Function Halls[edit]

  • TTD Kalyana Mandapam
  • Satya Sai Function Hall
  • DVS Kalyana Moodapam
  • Velama Kalyana Madapam
  • Kanyakaparameswari Kalyana Mandapam
  • Padmasali Kalyana Mandapam
  • Tripura Sundari Kalyana Mandapam
  • Sathyavathi Kalyana Mandapam
  • Sri Sreenivasa Kalyanmandapa


  • Seshama Naidu Hospital
  • Kishore Dental Clinic & Ceramic Centre
  • Govt. General Hospital
  • Christian Missionary Eye Hospital
  • Govt. Gosha Maternity Hospital[Queen Empress Mary Gosha Hospital - Established in 1917]
  • Praja Vaidyasala
  • Vamsi Nursing Home
  • Sadhana Hospital
  • Hitesh Children Hospital
  • Indiramma Hospital
  • Sajeevarayudu Hospital
  • Putturu Rajula Salya Vaidyashala
  • Vandana Dental Hospital
  • Suman Dental Hospital
  • Narendra Reddy Super Speciality Dental Hospital
  • Sri Sai Eye Hospital
  • Aruna Clinic
  • Suraksha Skin Clinic
  • Harshita Dental Care

Educational Institutions[edit]

Schools :

  • Kendriya Vidyalaya ( Website:
  • AP Residential School
  • Raja Velugoti Mudhu Krishna Yachedra (RVM) High School[Established in 1860]
  • Zilla Parishad Boys High School
  • Zilla Parishad Girls high School
  • St.Francis Integrated EM School
  • SriSaiBaba English Medium School
  • Mother Academy
  • BNS English Medium School
  • Navabharath High School
  • Sri Allam Krishnaiah Memorial School(website:
  • Gouthami Vidyaniketan
  • Visvodaya English Medium School
  • ABC (Akshara Brilliant Concept)School
  • Adarsha High School
  • SBN High School
  • Vidhya Bharathi School and Educational Trust
  • M.K.G.M High School[Established in 1972]
  • Bhasyam High School
  • Sri Chaitanya Techno School
  • Narayana Techno School
  • Audisankara Techno School

Colleges and Training Centres :

  • Sri Pragada Kotaiah Memorial Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, Venkatagiri
  • Government Junior College
  • Visvodaya Govt Degree College
  • ESS Degree College
  • Gowtham Vocational Degree College
  • Narayana Junior College
  • Sri Vigna Raja Junior College
  • SBN Junior college
  • A.P.R.J.C
  • Industrial Training Institute
  • SBPM Mahila Junior College
  • Gowthami Nursing Training Centre