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Giovanni Ventimiglia

born in Palermo July 20, 1964 and from the House of Ventimiglia is an italian philosopher, working on ontology, Thomas Aquinas, Thomism and their interface with the continental and analytical traditions of the philosophy (analytical Thomism). Currently he is full professor of theoretical philosophy at the Faculty of Theology in Lugano, Switzerland, where he also directs the Department of Philosophy and the Institute for Philosophical Studies. He has also taught theoretical philosophy at the Catholic University in Piacenza, Italy.

Since 2010 he has directed the series of studies on analytical metaphysics and Thomistic metaphysics published together with Carocci publishing house. He has cooperated in competitive research, such as Ethicbots in the field of roboethics. He is Knight of Honour and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. He is founder and Chairman of the non-profit organization Pro-Filo-Umano, whose main objective is to promote philosophy as a form of social service in jails, rehabilitation centres, etc.

Main publications:

- Differenza e contraddizione. Il problema dell’essere in Tommaso d’Aquino: esse, diversum, contradictio, prefazione di A. Bausola, Vita e Pensiero, Milano 1997;

- Se Dio sia uno. Essere, Trinità, inconscio, prefazione di P. Coda, ETS, Pisa 2002;

- “To be” o “esse”? La questione dell’essere nel tomismo analitico, Carocci, Roma 2011;

- Distinctio realis. Ontologie aristotelico-tomistiche nella prima metà del Novecento, Eupres FTL, Lugano 2012;

- Ente, essenza, esistenza. Prime nozioni di ontologia in prospettiva analitico-tomistica, Eupres FTL, Lugano 2012;

- Tommaso d’Aquino, La Scuola, Brescia 2014 (in press);

- "Existence" o "esse"? La questione dell'essere nel tomismo continentale, Carocci, Roma 2014 (forthcoming).

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