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Venucia logo.jpg
Product type Automobile marque
Owner Renault-Nissan Dongfeng Motor Corporation
Country China
Introduced September 2010
Markets China
Website (Chinese)
Simplified Chinese 启辰
Traditional Chinese 啟辰
Literal meaning Beginning of a new day

Venucia (启辰, Qi Chen in Chinese) is an automobile marque owned by Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle, itself a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Company. It was launched in September 2010.


In September 2010 Dongfeng Nissan unveiled a new marque, Venucia, to be used to sell vehicles developed and designed by the company in China specifically for the domestic market.[1][2]

In November 2011 Dongfeng Nissan announced that the first car to be sold under the Venucia marque would be the D50 mid-class sedan, and that it would go on sale in the first half of 2012.[3]

Dongfeng Nissan unveiled a production version of the Venucia e30 electric car at the 2012 Auto Guangzhou motor show. An earlier version, the Venucia E-Concept was unveiled at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. Initially, the electric car was scheduled for production in China by 2015, and it has the same bodywork, dimensions, electric-drive specifications and shares other features of the Nissan Leaf. Dongfeng Nissan plans to start a pilot projects in 15 Chinese cities to promote Venucia e30 jointly with local governments.[4][5] A total of 216 units were delivered through December 2013. These units are being marketed as Venucia Morning Wind and they are badged Leafs since local production has not begun yet.[6] In April 2014 Dongfeng Nissan announced that retail sales of the Venucia e30 are scheduled to begin in September 2014.[7]

Dongfeng Nissan launched its second production model, the R50 five-door mid-size hatchback car, in September 2012.[8] The R50 was designed in China and is aimed at first-time buyers.[9]

The Venucia Viwa concept car was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2013, previewing a new production car based on the platform of the Nissan March.[10]


The following Venucia vehicles are currently available in China:

  • R50, a five-door compact hatchback car; and
  • D50, a four-door mid-size saloon car.

Dongfeng Nissan plans to launch two new mid-sized sedans and an SUV under the Venucia brand by 2015.[11]


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