Venues of the 1928 Summer Olympics

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For the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, Netherlands, a total of fourteen sports venues were used.


Venue Sports Capacity Ref.
Amersfoort Modern pentathlon (riding) Not listed. [1]
Amsterdam Cycling (road) Not listed. [2]
Buiten Y Sailing 2,263 [3]
Hilversum Equestrian (non-jumping), Modern pentathlon (running) 4,763 [4]
Krachtsportgebouw Boxing, Weightlifting, Wrestling 4,634 [5]
Monnikenhuize (Arnhem) Football 7,500 [6]
Old Stadion Field hockey, Football 29,787 [7]
Olympic Sports Park Swim Stadium Diving, Modern pentathlon (swimming), Swimming, Water polo 6,000 [8]
Olympic Stadium Athletics, Cycling (track), Equestrian (jumping), Football, Gymnastics, Korfball 33,025 [9]
Schermzaal Fencing, Modern pentathlon (fencing) 559 [10]
Sloten Rowing 2,230 [11]
Sparta Stadion Het Kasteel (Rotterdam) Football 11,026 [12][13]
Zeeburg Shooting Grounds Modern pentathlon (shooting) 10,455 [14]
Zuiderzee Sailing 2,263 [3]

After the Olympics[edit]

The Swim Stadium was demolished in 1929 with it being a temporary venue.[8] Het Kasteel was renovated in 1998-9. Monnikenhuize was demolished in 1950. The Schermzaal was demolished. Olympic Stadium was renovated in 2007 and is still in use. Old Stadium has since been demolished and replaced by housing in the Amsterdam area.