Venues of the 2011 Pan American Games

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Omnilife Stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2011 Pan American Games

The 2011 Pan American Games were held in Guadalajara, Mexico and surrounding area. The Pan American Games ran from October 14 to October 30, 2011.

This is a list of competition venues that were used during the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.[1]

35 Venues were used, with a majority of them being built for the games.[2]

Competition venues[edit]

2011 Pan American Games
Venue Location Sports Capacity Status
Omnilife Stadium Guadalajara Football
Scotiabank Aquatics Center Zapopan Diving
Synchronized swimming
Water polo
4,656 New
Pan American Archery Stadium Guadalajara Archery 940 New
Estadio Telmex de Atletismo Guadalajara Athletics 8,000 New
Multipurpose Gymnasium Guadalajara Badminton
856 New
CODE Dome Guadalajara Basketball
Table tennis
3,528 Renovated
Basque Pelota Complex Guadalajara Basque pelota 1,686 New
Tapatío Bowling Alley Guadalajara Bowling 281 Existing
CODE San Nicolás Guadalajara Cycling (BMX) 991 Existing
Pan American Marathon Circuit Guadalajara Athletics (walks and marathons) - Temporary
Pan American Cycling Route Guadalajara Cycling (road) - Temporary
Pan American Velodrome Guadalajara Cycling (track) 1,984 New
Guadalajara Country Club Guadalajara Equestrian 2,300 Renovated
Santa Sofia Golf Club Guadalajara Equestrian (eventing) 450 Existing
Hipica Club Guadalajara Equestrian (dressage/jumping)
Modern pentathlon
432 New
Tlaquepaque Stadium Tlaquepaque Rugby sevens 1,156 Existing
Nissan Gymnastics Stadium Guadalajara Gymnastics 3,434 New
San Rafael Gymnasium Guadalajara Handball 1,737 New
Pan American Hockey Stadium Guadalajara Field hockey 1,870 New
CODE II Gymnasium Guadalajara Judo
2,229 New
Racquetball Complex Guadalajara Racquetball 636 Renovated
Pan American Skating Track Guadalajara Roller skating 820 New
Pan American Softball Stadium Guadalajara Softball 798 New
Pan American Shooting Polygon Guadalajara Shooting (rifle and pistol events) 438 New
Jalisco Hunting Club Guadalajara Shooting (shotgun events) 1,000 Existing
Squash Complex Guadalajara Squash 280 Existing
Telcel Tennis Complex Guadalajara Tennis 2,592 New
Pan American Volleyball Stadium Guadalajara Volleyball 3,152 New
Boca Laguna Water Ski Track Chapala Water skiing 1,360 Existing
Weightlifting Forum Guadalajara Weightlifting 902 New
Rowing and Canoeing Course Ciudad Guzmán Canoeing
1,080 New
Pan American Beach Volleyball Stadium Puerto Vallarta Beach volleyball 2,450 Temporary
Vallarta Yacht Club Puerto Vallarta Sailing - Temporary
API Maritime Terminal Puerto Vallarta Swimming (open water)
850 Temporary
Pan American Mountain Bike Circuit Tapalpa Cycling (Mountain biking) 230 Temporary
Pan American Baseball Stadium Lagos de Moreno Baseball 3,767 New

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