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The Rogers Centre (Pan Am Dome) will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2015 Pan American Games.

The 2015 Pan American Games and 2015 Parapan American Games venues are mostly located in the host city of Toronto, though some other events require facilities located elsewhere. Since the successful bid for the 2015 Pan American Games and 2015 Parapan American Games, some details have changed, with ongoing developments and announcements taking place.[1] Besides Toronto fourteen other municipalities in Southern Ontario will host competitions: Ajax, Hamilton, Innisfil, Markham, Milton, Minden, Mississauga, Mono, Oro-Medonte, Oshawa, Palgrave, St. Catharines, Welland and Whitby.[2]

Sporting venues[edit]

A map of the fifteen host cities.

In total 33 venues will be used during both the 2015 Pan and Parapan American Games. 21 of those venues will be used only for the Pan American Games, while three will be used just for the Parapan American Games. Nine venues will be used for both events.

The 2015 Games use a mixture of newly built venues, existing facilities, and temporary facilities, some of them in well known locations such as Exhibition Place and Centennial Park. Some of the new facilities will be reused in their Pan American Games form (for example the BMX track), while others will be reduced in size (for example the Pan American Aquatics Centre and Field House).


The Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) and the Toronto 2015 Organizing Committee have a number of major sponsors for the Pan American Games, who are entitled to have their name exclusively associated with the event. As a consequence, any other company that provides sponsorship is not permitted to use its name or branding during the games, which includes venue naming rights (including those not provided by corporate sponsorship and those named in honor of people).

As a consequence of this, eight Pan American venues are temporarily renamed for the duration of the Games:

CIBC Pan Am Park Zone[edit]

Ricoh Coliseum will be renamed "Toronto Coliseum" for the games[citation needed]

The Toronto Pan Am Park encompasses all of the facilities within Exhibition Place in downtown Toronto. The Pan Am Park will include the name of the lead partner in sponsorship CIBC.[3] This Zone consists of six venues.[2] The park contains:

Venue Sports Capacity Ref.
Pan American Games Parapan American Games
Exhibition Centre Basketball
Handball, Roller skating (artistic)
Racquetball, Squash
Exhibition Stadium Rugby sevens 22,453 [4]
Lakeshore Stadium Athletics (race walks), Roller skating (speed), Triathlon (finish line) 2,000 [4]
Pan Am Park Beach Volleyball Centre Volleyball (Beach) 5,000 [4]
Toronto Coliseum Gymnastics (Artistic, rhythmic and trampoline), Volleyball (Indoor finals) 8,500 [citation needed]
Ontario Place West Channel Athletics (marathons), Open water swimming, Road cycling (start and finish lines), Triathlon (swim), Water skiing Athletics (marathons), Road cycling (start and finish lines) 2,500 [4]

Downtown Zone[edit]

This zone contains the rest of the venues located in Downtown Toronto. This venue zone consists of six venues,[2] two of which will just be used for ceremonies. Like with the CIBC Pan Am Park none of the venues in this zone are newly built venues. This zone includes:

Venue Sports Capacity Ref.
Pan American Games Parapan American Games
Pan Am Dome Ceremonies (opening/closing) 56,000
Pan Am/Parapan Am Fields Field hockey Football 5-a-side, Football 7-a-side 2,000 [5]
Royal Canadian Yacht Club Sailing 500
Ryerson Athletic Centre Volleyball (Indoor preliminaries) Wheelchair basketball 3,800
Varsity Stadium Archery Archery 5,000
Nathan Phillips Square Ceremonies (closing) 15,000

East Zone[edit]

This zone contains seven venues all of which are located geographically east from Downtown Toronto. The seven venues are located within five different municipalities.[2] A brand new aquatics centre and field house – the games biggest build is currently being built on the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus.[6] Moreover a brand new field house and pool facility is under construction in Markham.[7]

Venue City Sports Capacity Ref.
Pan American Games Parapan American Games
Abilities Centre Whitby Boccia
Ajax Pan Am Ball Park1 Ajax Baseball
Angus Glen Golf Club Markham Golf 27,000 [10]
Markham Pan Am Centre Markham Badminton, Table tennis
Water polo
Table tennis

Oshawa Boxing Centre Oshawa Boxing
Pan Am and Parapan Am Aquatics Centre and Field House Toronto Diving, Modern pentathlon (swimming), Swimming, Synchronized swimming
Fencing, Modern pentathlon (fencing)

Sitting volleyball

University of Toronto Scarborough Tennis Club Toronto Wheelchair tennis 2,000
  • ^1 The Ajax Pan Am Ball Park will have four stadiums with two stadiums (one for each sport) seating 5,000 (called the premier fields), with the smaller stadiums seating 1,200 each (called the competition fields).[13]

North Zone[edit]

This zone contains seven venues all of which are located geographically north from Downtown Toronto. The seven venues are located within six different municipalities.[2] Included in this cluster is a new 12,500 seat stadium for athletics is currently being built at York University's Keele Campus.[14] The venues in this zone are:

Venue City Sports Capacity Ref.
Pan American Games Parapan American Games
Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park Palgrave Equestrian (Dressage, Eventing and Jumping) 6,065 [15]
Caledon Pan Am Cross Country Centre Mono Equestrian (Cross-Country portion of eventing) 3,000
Hardwood Ski and Bike Oro-Medonte Cycling (Mountain biking) 5,000
Minden Wild Water Preserve Minden Hills Canoeing (slalom) 2,500
Canadian Tennis Centre Toronto Tennis 12,500
Pan Am and Parapan Am Athletics Stadium Toronto Athletics (track and field events) Athletics (track and field events), Ceremonies (opening) 12,500 [16]
Toronto International Trap and Skeet Club Innisfil Shooting 1,500

West Zone[edit]

This zone contains seven venues all of which are located geographically west from Downtown Toronto. The seven venues are located within six different municipalities.[2] Included in this cluster is the Mississauga Sports Centre, the only venue to stage competition every single day.[17] Three Parapan sports are also scheduled to be held at the venue.[18] The venues are:

Venue City Sports Capacity Ref.
Pan American Games Parapan American Games
Centennial Park Pan Am BMX Centre Toronto Cycling (BMX) 1,000
Hamilton Pan Am Soccer Stadium Hamilton Football 22,500 [19]
Mississauga Sports Centre Mississauga Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Wrestling Goalball, Powerlifting, Wheelchair rugby 5,400 [20]
Milton Pan Am and Parapan Am Velodrome Milton Cycling (track) Cycling (track) 2,500 [21]
Pan Am Bowling Centre Toronto Bowling 1,000
Royal Canadian Henley Rowing Course St. Catharines Rowing 2,500
Welland Pan Am Flatwater Centre Welland Canoeing (sprint) 1,500 [22]

Original Plan[edit]

The venue plan has been vastly changed from the original plan, with sixty percent of the 51 original venues being dropped.[23] The venues were to be divided into three zones - Central Games Zone (Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill and Markham), West Games Zone (Hamilton) and East Games Zone (Oshawa, Ajax and Pickering). In addition there were also be venues located outside these zones in Barrie, St. Catharines, Palgrave, Minden and Welland.[24] Ian Troop the CEO of the Organizing Committee said the venue plan was changed because, "the benefits of clustering are that you create economies of scale, the goal for our refined and improved venue plan is to reduce the operational complexities of the event, save costs, deliver an athlete-centred Games that facilitates great performance and create a much richer spectator experience.”[25] Among the changes included the city's largest arena the Air Canada Centre being dropped, due to the organizing committee feeling none of the events warranted that amount of seating (20,000) and the desire to have full venues. Also the cities of Richmond Hill, Burlington and Brampton among others were dropped as host cities.[26] Organizers later revealed a plan that put the majority of venues have into nine cluster zones within the Greater Toronto Area: the Toronto Pan Am Park, Abilities Centre cluster, Etobicoke, Markham, Mississauga, Scarborough, University of Toronto (downtown) and York University clusters. In addition to these there was fourteen venues that was to be outside the boundaries of the Greater Toronto Area.[27] This plan was later replaced with the current venue proposal of five venue zones.[2]

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