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Developer(s) HBR Labs
Operating system Microsoft windows, Mac OS X,
Type Live Chat Platform

VeriShow is a live chat and web meeting platform created and marketed by HBR Labs, LLC. It is used by companies to provide online sales and service assistance to website visitors. It enables content sharing and annotations in real-time.[1]


VeriShow is built on a software as a service (SaaS) model, and based around a set of integrated applications, that serve different purposes, such as web-conferencing and real-time multimedia content sharing for customer support. The platform's live help can be accessed by visitors by clicking the website-embedded call-button. Using the platform's mobile version, users can use VeriShow on Android devices.[2][3]


The service has audio and video conferencing capabilities, along with a number of other features such as image and document sharing, text co-editing, a live video feed, and a form completion application. These applications are intended to be used by web-site representatives in the online sales or live support process. The representatives can show and annotate documents, share screens, review web pages, collaborate on a whiteboard and use a number of different calculators. A chat translation application enables automatic translation between languages while using the chat.[4]


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