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For the song, see Verjamem (song).
Leader Igor Šoltes
Founded 2014
European affiliation None
European Parliament group Greens/EFA
Slovenian National Assembly
0 / 90
European Parliament
1 / 8
Politics of Slovenia
Political parties

Verjamem (meaning "I believe" in Slovene[1]) is a centre-left[2][3] political party in Slovenia. The party is led by Igor Šoltes, former President of the Court of Auditors.[4][5]

At the 2014 European Parliament election, the party received 10.46% of the vote, winning one of Slovenia's eight seats in the parliament[6] taken by party leader Igor Šoltes, who chose to sit with The Greens–European Free Alliance (Greens/EFA) group as an associated MEP.[7]

The party received 0.78% of the vote in the Slovenian parliamentary election on 13 July 2014, and did not win any seats in parliament.[8]


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