Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal

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HAT 5th edition with CD-ROM

The Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal, abbreviated to HAT, (English: "Hand dictionary of the Afrikaans Language") is an Afrikaans descriptive dictionary consisting of a collection of Afrikaans words and their interpretations in book form.


The first edition of the HAT was published in 1965 by Voortrekkerpers, which later merged with Afrikaanse Pers Boekhandel to become Perskor.[1] Two more editions of the dictionary were published by Perskor, before Pearson Education acquired the publishing rights in 2008. The latest edition, HAT5, was published in September 2005.


HAT 2nd edition, 4th print from 1984
  • HAT1 (1965)
  • HAT2 (1979)
  • HAT3 (1993)
  • HAT4 (2000)
  • HAT5 (2005)


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