Vermejo River

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Vermejo River[1]
Origin Confluence of North Fork and Little Vermejo Creek
36°58′32″N 105°07′41″W / 36.97556°N 105.12806°W / 36.97556; -105.12806
Mouth Confluence with Canadian
36°29′12″N 104°32′38″W / 36.48667°N 104.54389°W / 36.48667; -104.54389Coordinates: 36°29′12″N 104°32′38″W / 36.48667°N 104.54389°W / 36.48667; -104.54389
Progression CanadianArkansasMississippi
Mouth elevation 5,827 ft (1,776 m)

Vermejo River is a tributary of the Canadian River in Colfax County, New Mexico. The river flows southeast from the confluence of North Fork Vermejo River and Little Vermejo Creek to a confluence with the Canadian River south of Maxwell. The upper course of the Vermejo flows through Vermejo Park Ranch, one of the largest ranches in the U.S. and now devoted primarily to recreation such as fishing and hunting.

Vermejo (usually spelled bermejo) means "reddish" in Spanish and has the same origin as the word "vermilion."


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