Vermio Mountains

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The Vermio Mountains (Greek: Βέρμιο), the ancient Bermion (Greek: Βέρμιον), is a mountain range in northern Greece. It lies between the Imathia Regional Unit of the Central Macedonia Region and the Kozani Regional Unit of the Western Macedonia Region. The range is west of the plain of Kambania. The town of Veria, which is the capital of Imathia, is built οn the foot of these mountains. The highest point in the range is 6,732 feet (2,052 m) near Naousa.

The Vermion Mountains are the site of ski resorts such as Seli and Tria Pente Pigadia.

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Coordinates: 40°31′33″N 22°00′38″E / 40.5258046°N 22.0104218°E / 40.5258046; 22.0104218