Verney Junction

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For the railway station, see Verney Junction railway station.

Verney Junction is a hamlet in the parish of Middle Claydon in north Buckinghamshire, England. It is on a disused railway line near Claydon House.

The stone cottages that make up the hamlet were largely constructed to provide houses for workers on the railway in the early Victorian era. The hamlet is named after the Verney family of Claydon House. The new village included a cricket ground for the railway workers.

Until 1936 Verney Junction railway station was the northern outpost of the Metropolitan Railway from Baker Street. It was the junction of that line with the Buckinghamshire Railway between Bletchley and Banbury (opened 1850) with a later line added from Verney Junction to Oxford (opened 1851). It was this later route that formed part of the "Varsity Line" from Oxford to Cambridge, and legend has it that the station was so called because the then isolation of the area meant that the only obvious name was that of the local landowner.

Coordinates: 51°56′24″N 0°55′45″W / 51.9400°N 0.9292°W / 51.9400; -0.9292