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Vernon Lorden Shaw (May 13, 1930[1] – December 2, 2013[2]) was the fifth President of Dominica, in office from 1998 to 2003.

Shaw was an alumnus of the Dominica Grammar School and Trinity College, Oxford.[1] He was a career civil servant, rising to the post of Cabinet Secretary in 1977, and retiring in 1990.[1]

Shaw was elected to a five-year term as President by the House of Assembly on October 2, 1998, as the candidate of the United Workers' Party (UWP). The secret ballot, party-line vote was 18-13. He took office on October 6, 1998,[3] following the expiration of President Crispin Sorhaindo's single five-year term. Shaw left office on October 1, 2003, and was succeeded by Nicholas Liverpool.


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Preceded by
Crispin Sorhaindo
President of Dominica
Succeeded by
Nicholas Liverpool