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Veronika Drahotova, 2011

Veronika Drahotová (born July 25, 1975) is a Czech artist and curator known for mixed-media work incorporating painting, photography, installation, lighting and film.

Drahotová was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic. In 1992 she became one of the youngest students ever to matriculate at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague (AVU), studying under Jiří David and Jiří Sopko, receiving a one-year scholarship (1995) at the San Francisco Art Institute, and a Masters of Art degree in 2000.

She first drew attention to herself in 1998 with Castle in the Sky,[1] a large-scale lighting installation funded by the Soros Foundation, in which the famous Prague Castle was completely illuminated in a rainbow glow for several nights. She has since had more than 10 solo shows in the U.S. and across Europe, including the recent painting series They Don't Know It, But They Are Doing It[2] at Trafacka Gallery, and has participated in dozens of group shows. "Drahotová's images offer fantasy, but only in addition to a dose of reality along with it. There is frustration, pleasure, disappointment, and recurrence found all at once in this detached nomadic non-narrative."[3] The Prague Post referred to her work in ALI-EN-ACE (2004, Futura Gallery) as focusing "on a dramatically projected notion of the self as a kind of retreat."[4]

In 2002 she founded HOME Gallery in Prague, and co-director more than a dozen exhibitions over two years. The Prague Post called HOME a "center for a network of artists and curators from the Czech Republic and across Europe." [5]

Her most recent solo shows have been Sugar Choice[6] (2012), at the Prince Prager Gallery in Prague, and a retrospective of her recent work at the UFFO Spolecenske Centrum[7] in Trutnov, Czech Republic.

Solo shows[edit]

  • 2015: Massive Memory, Kampa Gallery, Sovovy mlýny, Prague, CZ
  • 2014: Ale/But, Černá labuť, Praha, CZ
  • 2014: Untill the End of Time, Piersone, Praha, CZ
  • 2013: Theory of Nothing, Berlínskej model, Prague , CZ
  • 2012: 12, Gambit Gallery, Prague , CZ
  • 2012: Sugar Choice [8] Prince Prager Gallery, Prague
  • 2012: Retrospective, UFFO Společenské Centrum Trutnov [9]
  • 2011: THEY_I (with Nikola Semotanova), Trafacka Gallery, Prague, CZ[10]
  • 2009: MEMPLEX CITY, Icon Gallery, Prague, CZ[11]
  • 2008: MEMPLEX RIP, Blansko Gallery, CZ[12]
  • 2005: AUTOREVERSE, The Art Critics Gallery, Prague, CZ[13]
  • 2004: PRELIMINARY ORIENTATION, Chromosome Gallery, Berlin, D
  • 2004: ALI-EN-ACE, Futura gallery, Prague, CZ[14]
  • 2002: Latest Art, Vernon Fine Art, Prague, CZ
  • 2001: GRAVE, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, YU
  • 2001: Mind the Heart, Behemot Gallery, Prague, CZ[15]
  • 2001: Sky is Empty, U cerného pavouka Gallery, Ostrava, CZ
  • 1999: Friends Forever, Pecka Gallery, Prague, CZ
  • 1998: See Through, the Czech Center, Brussels, Belgium
  • 1996: Fiona Whitney Gallery, Wilcox L.A., USA


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