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Verso At-a-Glance
Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee
Employees: Approximately 2,100
Paper mills: 3, in Maine (2) and Michigan
Paper machines: 8
Products: Coated groundwood, coated freesheet, specialty products, uncoated printing papers and hardwood market pulp
Annual production capacity: 1.5 million tons of coated freesheet, coated groundwood and specialty. 273,000 tons of market pulp
Annual sales: $1.4 billion in 2013
Customers: North America's leading catalog and magazine publishers, commercial printers and specialty paper converters
Sales offices: 12
Customer service: West Chester, OH
WebExpress® quick ship points: 11, in California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Maine, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Massachusetts
Research center: Harriman, New York

Based in Memphis, TN, Verso Paper Corp. (NYSEVRS) is a leading North American producer of coated papers including coated groundwood, coated freesheet, and specialty products. Verso's paper products are used primarily in media and marketing applications, including magazines, catalogs, and commercial printing applications such as high-end advertising brochures, annual reports and direct-mail advertising.

Verso employs approximately 2,100 people. It operates three paper mills in the U.S., located in Jay, Maine; Bucksport, Maine; and Quinnesec, Michigan. These mills have a combined annual capacity of approximately 1.5 million tons of paper and 273,000 tons of market pulp. Verso's customer service team is located in West Chester, OH and its field sales offices are in Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Cincinnati, OH; Los Angeles, CA; New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Newtown Square, PA; Portland, ME; St Louis, MO and Stamford, CT.


In June 2000, International Paper Company acquired Champion International Paper to form International Paper's coated and supercalendered paper business. In August 2006, a subsidiary of Verso formed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management, purchased the coated and supercalendered paper business from International Paper.[1] In April 2008, Verso conducted an initial public offering and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.[2]


Androscoggin Mill[edit]

Established in 1965, the Androscoggin mill in Jay, Maine produces coated groundwood and coated freesheet papers for offset and rotogravure printing on three machines. The Androscoggin mill also produces forms and specialty grades on its other two machines and has a market pulp dryer.

Bucksport Mill[edit]

Established in 1930, the Bucksport, Maine mill produces lightweight coated groundwood papers for offset and rotogravure printing as well as specialty products. Verso announced on September 10, 2008 plans to transition the no. 1 paper machine at the Bucksport mill to manufacture lightweight specialty papers.[3] Verso announced on November 19, 2010 the launch of a renewable energy project at the Bucksport mill.[4] Verso announced on October 11, 2011 the permanent shutdown of the no. 2 coated groundwood paper machine at the Bucksport mill.[5]

Quinnesec Mill[edit]

Established in 1985, the Quinnesec, Michigan mill initially produced pulp and began producing paper in 1990. The mill operates one paper machine and a pulp dryer. It produces market hardwood pulp and coated freesheet paper for offset and rotogravure printing. Verso announced January 9, 2012 the completion of a $45 million renewable energy project at the Quinnesec mill.[6]

Sartell Mill[edit]

Verso's mill in Sartell, Minnesota produced lightweight coated papers for offset and rotogravure printing. Verso announced on October 11, 2011 the permanent shutdown of the no. 1 and no. 2 paper machines at the Sartell mill.[7] In May 2012, an explosion occurred at the Sartell mill.[8] In August 2012, Verso announced the permanent shutdown of the Sartell mill.[9]


Verso publishes an annual sustainability report[10] which includes detailed information on sustainability performance and initiatives as outlined in Verso's sustainability policy.[11]

Responsible Fiber Procurement[edit]

As stated in the fiber procurement policy,[12] Verso is committed to using only wood fiber from sustainably managed forests. Verso recognizes credible third-party forest certification standards which verify that the perpetual growing, harvesting and regeneration of trees is successfully integrated with the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat, plants, soil, air and water quality. These standards include the Forest Stewardship Council(FSC-C019085), Sustainable Forestry Initiative(SFI), Canadian Standards Association(CSA), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification(PEFC), American Tree Farm System(ATFS) and most Master Logger(ML) standards.[13] Verso is committed to help increase the overall amount of certified fiber in the global marketplace. Verso announced on December 13, 2011 their partnership for more certified acres in Maine.[14] Verso participates in the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT)[15] which allows buyers and sellers of paper products to evaluate the environmental performance data along the paper supply chain.


Verso emphasizes employee safety with its environmental health and safety policy.(EHS)[16]


Verso's three-pronged energy strategy[17] seeks to reduce overall energy consumption, generate more green energy from renewable biomass and reduce carbon footprint. In November 2009, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) awarded Verso a $9.3 million grant to develop waste energy recovery technologies.[18] Verso announced on December 3, 2009 its participation in the DOE's Save Energy Now Leader Program.[19][20]


Verso is recognized for accomplishments and leadership in the areas of sustainability, energy initiatives and safety.[21]


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