Vertigo Records

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Vertigo Records
Vertigo Records swirl.png
Parent company Universal Music Group
Founded 1969
Status Active
Distributor(s) Universal Music UK
Genre Hard rock, progressive rock, pop soul, heavy metal, glam metal (import bands)
Country of origin UK
Official website

Vertigo Records was a subsidiary of the Philips/Phonogram record label, launched in 1969 in the UK to specialise in prog rock and other non-mainstream musical styles.[1] Today it is a label operated by Universal Music UK.



Vertigo was the brainchild of Olav Wyper[1] when he was Creative Director at Phonogram. It was launched as a competitor to labels such as Harvest (a prog subsidiary of EMI) and Deram (Decca). It was the home to bands such as Colosseum, Jade Warrior, Affinity, Ben and other bands from 'the "cutting edge" of the early-'70s British prog-folk-post-psych circuit'.[2]

More Recently[edit]

Vertigo later became the European home to various hard rock bands signed to Mercury in North America, such as Bon Jovi, Rush and Kiss. Now part of the Universal Music Group, Vertigo is a division of Mercury Music Group/Virgin EMI Records (UK), which in turn is a frontline music group operation of Universal Music UK. It distributes Cooking Vinyl (Germany), Metallica (outside the US and Canada), Razorlight, Rush (Europe) and Dire Straits (except the US). More recent signings include The Rapture, The Killers (UK/Éire), One Night Only, Amy Macdonald, Noisettes and Thee Unstrung 2004-2005 and Kassidy[3] in 2009. Black Sabbath have returned to the label in 2013 (including the US and Canada for the first time via sister label Republic) although former sister label Sanctuary Records Group had acquired international rights to their back catalogue in the interim (the band were last on Vertigo in 1987).

Album Discography[edit]

Alternate logo used in Canada.
  • 6360 145 Clover - "Unavailable"
  • 6435 144 Flame Dream - Supervision


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