Verve Energy

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Verve Energy
Type State government owned
Industry Power generation
Predecessors Western Power
Founded 1 April 2006 (2006-04-01)
Headquarters Perth, Western Australia
Key people Jason Waters (managing director)
Services Electricity generation
Owners Government of Western Australia

Verve Energy is a Western Australian Government owned corporation responsible for operating the state's electricity generators on the State's South West Interconnected System. It was split from the then vertically integrated Western Power, in 2006 during reforms to the state's electricity sector .[1]


Verve Energy owns five major power stations, supplying electricity to the South-West Interconnected System:

In addition it has various other generation plants, including the Albany Wind Farm, wind diesel, and biomass facilities.

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  1. ^ On 1st January 2014 Verve ceased trading following a merger with Synergy, the WA State Government owned energy retailer for the South West Interconnected System (SWIS). The retail and generating entity trades under the business name "Synergy". "Electricity And Gas Suppliers". Office of Energy. Retrieved 2010-06-29. 

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