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Very Special Old Pale is a popular meaning for the VSOP aging grade which, according to Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac,[1] stands for Very Superior Old Pale.[2] It is used in French brandies with notable examples being:

Designations like "XVSOP" or "VSOPX", wherein "X" stands for "Extra", are often encountered.

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  1. ^ "The BNIC is an interprofessional organization as defined by Article L631 of the French Rural Code. It is a private institution financed by the Cognac professionals (Cognac companies and growers). However, it is entrusted with public service missions." Missions page on BNIC website
  2. ^ As explained on the website of the BNIC, the meaning of the abbreviation V.S.O.P is "very superior old pale", (It is often erroneously explained as an abbreviation of "very special old pale" (even in reputable sources such as the Oxford English Dictionary) due to confusion with the meaning of V.S., which is "very special".)