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Vesitükimaa (English: Bit of Waterland) is a small, uninhabited Estonian islet located in Torgu Parish, at the tip of Sõrve Peninsula of Saaremaa island. It is a site of European Community importance for the Boreal biogeographical region, its coordinates are 57°53′49″N 22°02′26″E / 57.89694°N 22.04056°E / 57.89694; 22.04056 and its territory is 12,6 km2. [1]

Vesitükimaa is among a group of small islets, including Siialaid, Lombimaa and Pitkasääremaa that make up a nature preserve.[2] The reserve area covers 112 hectares, of which 15 hectares is land and 97 hectares sea. The closest village to Vesitükimaa is Tehumardi, located on the narrowest strip of Saaremaa – the neck of the Sõrve Peninsula.[3]

Vesitükimaa islets and the tip of Sőrve peninsula were placed under protection in 1971 because of its geological, botanical and orinthological importance.[2] The Estonian Geological Institute has carried on long-term studies on many of the islets, including Vesitükimaa.[4] The islets are also a favored nesting area for sea birds, especially for several species of sea gulls. Swans can be seen here as well as other birds. The area is off limits to visitors during the nesting season, from April 1 to July 1.[4]

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Coordinates: 57°53′49″N 22°02′26″E / 57.89694°N 22.04056°E / 57.89694; 22.04056